Blog 134: Sunny Summer


It’s Back! All the warm summer sun, the late evenings, the BBQs, the ice cream, the park days, hardly any rain, the children playing in the back yard, spending time at the beach, going on vacation, time away from the normal routine, having picnics in the park. It’s all back and I couldn’t be happier! Our emotions so much better and we seem to be happier because it is lighter and a lot warmer. Summer is the best time of the year to get together with family and friends, to be able to go on long beach walks and not get frozen, to be able have the parties in the back yard and everyone stay late into the evening. I love this time of year and it couldn’t be better! I am so pleased that we have a good summer that is warm but not too hot.

After a dark winter, the snow, the cold, the thick layers, the boots, the thick socks, the blankets, the heating on, I love getting into flip flops and leaving the house without putting loads of layers on. You can leave 15 minutes later because you don’t have to stand there and get the socks on, the hats, scarf and gloves on and maybe the portable hot drink with you. There is so little that needs to do in the summer because things are so easier and so much freer. I feel that with summer coming you go from one extreme to another you put the electric blanket on in the winter and all you want to do in the summer is kick the duvet off. It is so worth the change though! The new plants come out and the nature just rises again and it seems wonderful to be out and about.

Whenever it does rain in the summer we are grateful for it because it seems to just take the hotness and mugginess away before we all get heat stroke. We can have the BBQs ever night in the garden and we don’t feel weird. We are able to be on a salad ‘diet’ and not feel stupid that we are not having a warm stew. For me I eat this all year round but even more in the summer and that is Ice cream-it is the most amazing thing that has been created food wise and I love it. I love having salad followed by ice cream, it seems normal and is amazing.  However, in the winter it does look stupid in a blanket eating ice cream but in the summer it doesn’t. In the summer we can have time to think and play games in the park, we can spend more time outside and not watching the TV and it feels great to have the sand and grass between our toes. I really enjoy going barefoot anyway but the summer is a good time for me to do this.

The best thing about being a teachers husband is that we get the six weeks holiday and it couldn’t be nicer. As I am writing this we have just started the holidays and we have plans to do so many things. At least this year we don’t have a wedding to plan! However, we do have my brothers to go to in just over a week. I know it will be a really special and important date in the calendar. I know the next few weeks are going to be full of good weather, adventures, walking and so much more. I know that through these next few weeks we will have time together and we will have time to spend more time with each other without having other commitments. We are hoping to go away at some point and it will be good to get away for our first holiday as a married couple!

We have four seasons of the year and so much can change between them all. the weather changes, the tress change, birds come and go, our wardrobe changes and so much more but throughout of this God is stable, He doesn’t move or change. He will remain the same tomorrow as He does today and did yesterday. With all the changes in the world we should be grateful that one thing stays the same and that God never changes. There will be changes in our personal life and our family life but God will help us and He will be there to support us through all the changes that life throws at us. We are so grateful that through this life of change God is still the same.


One thought on “Blog 134: Sunny Summer

  1. I’m a winter person – but this year I have tried to remain positive about my least favorite season – summer.
    Summer means, to me, endless yard work. From may through July, daily work in my gardens – and then, there is that darned grass that has to be cut and bushes to be trimmed, and endless endless weeds sprouting up after every little rainfall. lol Seriously, I love all the things you don’t like about winter clothing, weather and solitude.
    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.

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