Blog 133: Thank you teachers


Another summer and some more sun, everyone is in a good mood, the days are long, summer holidays are just around the corner, legs are out, the tans are getting topped up, the suitcases are getting packed and life can’t really get that much better! We have all heard stories of the past years of the sun being so hot but also having a rain wipe-out for the summer holidays, we have experienced it. What the weather will hold for this summer we don’t know but we can have our guesses, but it will be wonderful if it does hold! It does seem that towards of the end of the six weeks the weather does seem to break and we seem to think about that rather than the other good weather!

The summer holidays are a great time for us to be able to be with family, be with friends and to go on holiday. For most people we have to go on holiday at this time because we have partners who are teachers or children who cannot be taken out of school. A lot of teachers deserve this break of 6 weeks even if they have had three months at home because of Covid-19. They need time to get ready for the next year, to swap classes, to get used to the new set of children, to set up their classrooms, to plan in advance, to have time with their family and so much more! Teachers need time to re-set their brains and re-charge their batteries. We all need time off from work and our normal routine to get our energy up and have energy for the year to come. Being a teacher is a lot of hard work and long hours that they do need time of and to be with their family and friends.

Teachers have 13 weeks holiday in a year but do they actually? All the teachers I have known go into work throughout the holidays and they do long days. I grew up with a mother that was a teacher and now I have a husband and a mother-in-law that are teachers. It seems like I can’t get away from them! I have heard so many people say that teachers start at 8:00am and finish at 4:00pm. I’m sorry to say but this is just not true! Teachers work so hard and do deserve a break so that they are able to teacher better throughout the year. A lot goes on behind the scenes of being a teacher, the reports need to be written, activities need to be planned, lessons need to be planned, productions need to be practised, sports days need to be done, so much needs to happy in a teachers world!

I know that when I was a student I was not the best that I could be. I had detention after detention, answered back, got in a mood, shouted across the room, tried to get into fights, hated people that would not talk to me, got annoyed easily, annoyed other people, picked on people that were older than me. I was a horror of a student and looking back now I feel really sorry for the teachers that had to teach me! I feel bad that I used to shout across the classroom, I used to talk in class, I used to answer back. Being a student isn’t easy but being a teacher is even harder! You have 30 children per class with different needs to each other and they are expected to know everything about every child.

Being a teacher is a great skill, it is a gift and not everyone can do it. Not everyone has the patience, not everyone has the energy, not everyone have the authority and that is okay and totally fine. God knew that we needed to be taught and He gave certain people that gift to teach others. He gave that gift to certain people and other gifts to others, we are not all the same and thank goodness for that because otherwise life would be too boring. We need to respect and be thankful for the people that teacher us whether this be teachers, people in the church or our parents. God made these people to help us and we need to be blessed and grateful for it. Every teacher that has taught children knows it is hard work and as much as we try and be good teachers we make mistakes. Jesus was the only perfect teacher and He was the only one that was telling the total truth and that is wonderful. Thank you teachers and to God for giving us all different gifts that we can use in life.

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