Blog 132: I can’t Believe it


This last weekend we went to the north of London and saw my not so little brother marry the love of his life. I cannot believe that the little boy who I used to boss around, who I protected and who I love so much is now married to someone he loves, to someone he protects and someone he can develop his life with. I am so thrilled and happy for him that my body explodes with happiness, I am so pleased that he has found someone to spend the rest of his life with. My little brother who is 13 months younger than me but has always been my little brother has got married I don’t know how I will cope! My brother has never looked so much more in love and handsome as he did at the weekend when he married his wonderful fiancee and became a married man!

It just seemed like yesterday that we young playing in the garden, we were riding bikes, we were arguing, we were being home-schooled, we were in youth group, we were watching TV and so much more and now you are a married man with a wife by your side. How does time fly so quickly and why does it just seem like yesterday that we were messing around in the garden? Now several years later we are both married and setting up our own life with our spouses and I couldn’t be more happy for you. I may be full of happiness but I am so full of emotions, I am so full of tears, so full of pride and so much more because you my little brother have found your happy place, you have found you wife and you have started a new amazing adventure together.

I know that it will be a big change for us all with you getting married but you know what it is such an amazing and wonderful change. You are both such a blessing for all of us and we are so happy that after two and a bit years we were able to see you get married and make the vows to your wife. The last two years have been a blur for us all, you have had to deal with a long distance relationship, you have moved several times, a degree has been finished, you have set up home, you got engaged and now you are married. I know that the last two years have been a roller coaster but I am so thrilled that you have found someone who can help you in the years to come with the roller coaster that will come. I know that through everything you have an amazing wife next to you and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you both.

Throughout your life you have been my little brother and even now you maybe married but you will always be my little brother. I know that you are taller than me but you will always be my little brother. You maybe stronger than me but you will always be my little brother and I am so thankful for you. I am thankful for the way you care for me, for the way that you have protected me, for the way you kept me going when I was down, for how you made me laugh, for how you are silly. I am so thankful that you are my brother, I know that we have our differences but I would not know what I would do without you and I am so blessed that not only do I now have a brother but you have married such an awesome lady that I can call my sister-in-law. I know that I have not lost a brother but instead I have gained such an amazing sister and I can’t wait to do girly things with her!

I know that sometimes things will not go the way that we would like to go, there will be hard times, there will be easy times, there will be highs and lows and I will not be there through it all but through everything I know that God will keep you going and He will be by your side when no one else is. When all else is good He will be there, when all else is bad He will be there. He will help you through everything and I am so thankful that God will be there whenever I am not able to. When the path is tough, when you have times that you do not understand, when you have times which are easy the only advice that I can give you is to breath and to trust in God.

2 thoughts on “Blog 132: I can’t Believe it

  1. Rebecca what a nice tribute to your brother, his wife and your family. Such a happy moment to see your b rother married and to reflect on his life as you have shared it together.
    Thank you for visiting my blog, Gifts of the Spirit, and i invite you to come back any time. My purpose in doing the blog is to share quiet and beautiful moments. You certainly shared some lovely moments in your blog post and i enjoy them so much.

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