Blog 131: We did it!

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6th July 2020 at 4:00pm we finally got married and it feels amazing! We are Mr and Mrs, we can start to live our life together, we have had some wedding cake, we have slept in the same bed, we have had a meal together and we have been able to do so much and I am so thankful. I am so blessed to have the man of my dreams right by my side! We had a long journey to this point, we have had blood, sweat and tears but they have all been so worth it! Even though this day was different to what we had planned it was just perfect and it was amazing! We were not able to have our family around us due to Covid-19 but apart from that we had so many special people with us both physically as well as watching on YouTube and we had such an awesome time.

I started of the day with my parents preparing for the wedding and getting ready, by the time we got to the church everyone was there as my groom met me at the top of the aisle. As we had to social distance his parents went down the aisle first and then my parents followed by us. We got to the altar and I realised that it was all getting real, I realised that I was marrying my best friend, I realised that there was no turning back and I realised that this was a life long commitment. There was no reason to turn back and I am thrilled that we both said, ‘I do.’ Due to the risk of infection we were not able to sing songs and we all had to be apart but we were able to get married, have a prayer, reading and short message. It was just what we wanted-small and intimate with a big party at a later date!

Once we had the wedding we had photos done in the church by an amazing photographer (you can check her website here), some of the boys, we have three brothers between us, decorated the cars with balloons and cans and it was such a surprise! We drove of down the road as man and wife, as Mr and Mrs and as a married couple! We went for a little drive with the decorations on the car but soon took them off as we wanted to go for a longer drive to go and see my grandmother which was so special. It had been hard because of the virus she was unable to come to the church but we went a surprised her with a visit in all our gear! She was shocked and had been able to watch it online with my cousin which was special but I think visiting her made the day extra special-it did for us!

Once we had driven back, due to virus and closing down the restaurants, we went back to my parents for a BBQ with some of the family. My mum had done such an amazing job of decorating the garden, they had a backdrop so then we were able to take photos, we have a balloon stack with flowers inside, all the salads were done, we had jars with lights on around the garden and we even had a made up top table which was really beautiful and special. We may not have had the wedding that we wanted but we sure had an extra special day and everyone went above and beyond to make it special. We had so much that was put on the BBQ, we had mushrooms, kebabs, chicken, steak, sweetcorn, salmon and we also had salads from cous cous, green salad, steak and spinach, coleslaw and so much more. It was incredible and we were so full!  For dessert my husbands (!) mum had done a meringue cake with fruit inside as well as a brownie cake and fruit salad! We were so thankful for all of the people that made it special from the people at the church with sound and video to the BBQ and decorating.

Not only are we thankful and blessed to have an amazing wedding we are also excited to spend the next few weeks being Mr and Mrs. We are excited to start our married life together and we look forward to seeing what the future will hold. It is for this reason that I am not going to be blogging for the next few weeks-I want to take this moment to relax with my new husband and to enjoy this time together. We loved our wedding and the people that made it worth it but we are so thankful to God for drawing us together, for providing us with love for each other and for helping us to get to this point in our lives. We have hearts that are full of thanks!

3 thoughts on “Blog 131: We did it!

  1. What a nice love story – the beginning of your life together – forever. Thanks for sharing this lovely wedding story on your blog. I look forward to reading lots more stories in the future as you continue on your path.
    Your wedding sounded perfect! Lots of love to surround you in every way.

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