Blog 130: Huge Announcement

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So today is our wedding day! Today we finally get to be Mr and Mrs, today we finally get to start our life together, today we get to live together, together we get to be husband and wife and today we finally are getting married! I can’t believe that with everything else going on we are able to have people that are really close to us to witness us getting married and we are blessed that so many people are healthy and well to be with us on this very special day. It has been such a long few months to get to this point, we have had to postpone this special day, we have had to not be with people we love and this day will be different but we are full of thanks. These last few months have been hard and difficult but we have learnt so many lessons through this time and we have been able to get to know each other more throughout this weird situation.

Being a newlywed brings a whole lot of cloud 9 back! I know that it is going to be a strange feeling waking up every morning to my husband, cooking dinner for my husband, making lunch for my husband, snuggling with my husband, hugging my husband, going out with my husband. We seem to do so many things that we have done before but it is different now that we are married and we are going out as a married couple. It is strange but wonderful to have a husband by my side. By the end of today I will have a husband and I am the happiest women in the world! I am loving life but I know at some stage we will come down to earth with a bump. These last few weeks have been hard and testing but these next few weeks will be truly amazing and we have been so blessed with all the congratulations and love that people have sent our way.

We both know that the first year of marriage is going to be hard and challenging but we are ready for it and we are ready for the challenge that we will have. We will have our high times and low times but at the end of the day God has bought us together and He will help us to be able to be gracious to each other and to help each other grow both physically, emotionally and mentally. When know that we will have to adjust, we will have to talk things through, we will be with each other most of the time and it can be a struggle but it will be amazing. We know that with so many people around us we will have the support and we will be able to have a wonderful start to our marriage and the years that come after. Marriage is such a wonderful thing, it is a blessing from God and a gift from Him.

Marriage can be a blessing but it can be hard work too! There will be many times ahead of us when things are hard and difficult but God will help us to be able to keep going and to love each other. There will be times when we have to get through life together, we will have illness, we will have children, we will move, we will go on adventures and so much more but we will get through it if we keep the communication going. Communication is the key to every relationship and it is important to talk about how we are feeling. Love is a weird word that in this society that we seem to use for anything and everything. Love seems to be a flitting thing that happens in this society but for us because God first loved us we are able to love each other. We are able to love each other and our flaws because God did the same for us and we weren’t even born. Between us love will last forever and because God will be at the centre of our marriage we will be able to get through anything with his help.

As we start this married life we will be focused on each other and the love that God has taught us to have for each other, we want to use our marriage to grow each other up and to help other people too. I especially promise to submit to my husband and to obey him as he lead and guides us in the way of the Lord, I know with Gods help he will be an amazing husband. Marriage is such a blessing and should be used in such a way. We look forward to many more years together and encouraging others in their marriage and relationships too. We look forward to serving God together and seeing how He works in both of our lives for the good of those people around us.

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