Blog 129: Another Summer


I can’t believe that it is July already and the summer holidays are just around the corner. This year seems to have flown by so quickly and so fast. I feel that as I get older life seems to go quicker. The weather has improved, the sun us out, the dresses are out, the beaches are full, the ice creams are melting, the shorts are on, the heating is off and summer has finally arrived!

I can’t believe this is the first summer that I will be married and that we are able to spend the next six weeks as a married couple. I love the summer, I love the sun, I love the long evenings, I love the exercise, I love the experiences that happen in the summer, I love the beaches, I love going for drives when it is light, I love not having to wear so many layers, I love the summer sun. I feel that so much is able to happen and the world is my oyster. The summer sun can be tiring but it is so well worth it. This is the best season that we could have in the year but also the worse. We can get sun burnt and not realise it, we can be pressured to do so much more things After the summer know that the winter will be coming but at least we have six weeks to enjoy it! We have six weeks when my husband is of work to be able to spend time with friends and family.

Once I have booked my summer holiday, usually in February, I begin to pack in my head. I try and figure out all of the things that I need to buy, the things that I need to take, the sort of things that I could buy on holiday, the people I could go with, what I am going to do with the pets, how many people need to know that I am going away and how much talking about it that I can get away with before someone slaps me! Going away is a stressful time for anyone but when you are at your destination the stress is so worth it! I love the lead up to going away and I love the joy and excitement that it brings to me and my husband. We are able to get away from people and to have our time. We are able to go on holiday even if it is in the Uk this year with everything else going on and I am so blessed that we have the money and ability to do so.

I know people will be taking a break over the summer but don’t worry I will be continuing with my blogging and keeping you up to date with what I am doing. I will be writing about my experiences and I will be writing about the best things in the summer and what I have been up to. Over the years the summer weather has changed, the winter has got colder and things are changing. I am glad the summer is getting hotter though- I do like a good bit of sun bathing! In this world so much happens day by day that we are not able to know for sure what things are going to happen. We can plan for the future but we are not able to know for sure that they will happen and we will see them through. As we have seasons of the year we have seasons of life and many things change, many things are different and we may struggle with it, we will struggle with the change in our personal life, the change in the weather, the change in our job, the change in our families and so much more. This is part of life and it would be so boring if nothing changed and we were all the same and had the same experiences as each other.

There are so many things in the world that changes but there is one thing that does not. God does not change, He does not move, He does not leave us, He will not forsake us. He does not change each day, He does not his attitude. He will help us to keep on going and will help us to keep close to him but as we get ready for the holidays we need to have our heart ready for Jesus. As we prepare our suitcase for our clothes to fit we need to make a space for Jesus in our heart. Will you do this?

One thought on “Blog 129: Another Summer

  1. Rebecca, I really enjoyed your post today. If you write poetry, you could do a log of nature poetry, just from the imagery you have in this little essay. I love your final thought – God truly never changes – and he is with us forever – I enjoy the summer when I can sit in the shade on my porch and just have conversations with God – he is closer than a brother – and always ready for conversation with us. You would probably love to read The Avocet – a literary magazine that publishes nature poetry. Also, submissions are free – so if you are so inclined, you can always send that editor a poem or two if it is about nature. Best of Summer to you!

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