Blog 127: Laughter


When you are in a bad mood what is the thing you do to help you get laughter back into your body? When was the last time that you properly laughed? I don’t mean the giggle but the nose dripping, eyes watering laugh? Maybe it has been such a long time that you can’t remember when the last time was? It is really hard not to be able to feel better when you have had a good laugh. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine and I really believe it. Who do you call when you need a really good laugh? I believe that having a good laugh can help us to feel so much better and to keep on going with our day.

I have several people that I call when I feel down, they make me laugh and tell me stupid stories that I can’t but not laugh. I know the people that I can turn to who will help me to laugh and feel better about the things that life throws at me. As Mary Poppins said, ‘a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine goes down,’ as does laughter. Laughter helps the bad moods go, the stress evaporate, the anger chills, the stress disappear. Laughter is a good thing and people need to be able to see that laughter is a good thing for all people. It should almost be an everyday ritual that people should do. It is good for the soul to be able to laugh out loud. It has been said that laughter is the best medicine and I seem to agree!

If you are not able to express how you feel and whether you are able to laugh then you can always look at some crazy photos of you or your family. Photos are a good thing to be able to laugh at and to be able to talk about. If you are one that is not able to laugh at random things then it is good to be able to look at something to make you laugh. There are so many things on YouTube that you are able to watch and so many comedians out there that can help with your laughter ‘medicine!’ Laughter is actually known for helping to de-stress and to help calm us down. We all need to have a bit of happiness and fun in our lives and it is important to do so.

Children are able to laugh almost twice as much as adults. Why? They are children, they have no stress, they have nothing to worry about, they have nothing that they need to do, they don’t have to go out a earn money, they don’t have the bills to pay, they don’t have children waking themselves up. Adults do. We have to work, provide for the family, keep everyone happy. Things happen that make us stressed and get annoyed. As adults we need to take a leaf out of children’s books and make ourselves to be able to laugh. Did you know that laughter can help reduce stress? It does and we should be grateful that we are able to laugh. We should spend more time with our children so we are able to laugh and we are able to be a lot more happy than we can be.

As we are only human it is okay if we feel that we are not able to laugh and to have a smile on our face. Life is tough and everyone understands that. We can always try though. We have so many stresses and worries in life that can make it hard but we need to try harder to be happy with the hand that life has thrown at us. However, as much as we can talk about them they won’t fully go unless we let God take control of them and to be in control of our life. We need to worry about today and not tomorrow as God knows what will come and He knows what will help us in life. God knows what the future is going to hold and God knows how we are going to feel. God knows when things will get on top of us and He knows the things that can make us annoyed and that is okay. God can help us through life and God can help us to be better people. I know that sometimes we may not be able to laugh but we need to know that one day we will be able to laugh and there will be no more tears and no more grieving.

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