Blog 126: Where is my Mojo?

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Everyone comes across this word at some point in their lives and sometimes we loose it or it goes away for a while. We are taught to be motivated from day when when we try and walk to the very end to get out and about. However, when disappointments happen it is hard to hear this word let alone to then put it into action in our everyday lives. It seems that everyone has motivation but you and they are happy in their own little bubble but it is not true. Everyone struggles with this. Every Monday morning you could almost hear the groans, moans and swearing when people realise its 6:00 in the morning and they have to get up for work- they are not motivated and they have lost their work mojo!

We have all had our set backs in life from losing a loved one, being fired from our jobs, having to move house, not talking to family, struggling with our spouse, being annoyed with someone at church, feeling ill and weak, got in debt, had an addiction. All of the above can mean that we loose our motivation in life or others known as our mojo. No one ever likes to see there mojo go and it is even harder to try and get it back. These are the times when family may come around and encourage you but it still does not work, if you are like me then you eat all the chocolate and ice cream in the world but it still does not work. Nothing seems to help to get the mojo back.

Believe me I’ve been in most of those situations and it takes a lot and all the will power in the world to try and get motivated again, to try and keep going, to talk to someone about your problems, to get your mojo back again. It is hard and if people say it is easy then they are lying. Having a positive mojo will and can make all the difference to your life and it will help if you can talk to other people about how you are feeling. I know that it takes a lot to get your mojo and motivation back but here are some points to help you (and me!) to try and find it again:

Talking to someone is vital. You may not like to talk to anyone about your problems, you may have a trust issue and do not want things to be passed around. However, you need to get the feelings out and you need to tell someone how you feel, this could be someone from the other-side of the world who doesn’t know the people you know or it could be your spouse or someone else in your family that you really trust. Either way you have to be happy for them to talk to someone else in less detail so that they can be supported and be given advice to help you. Have people around you that can give you a good support system and who can help you to keep on going and give you a cheer even when you do little things. It takes a lot to talk to someone so make sure it is someone that you trust.

Be patient. As many of you know I am awful at being patient and it is not my best quality. I hate having to wait, I want things to be done now, to be sorted now and to be talked about now. However, life does not happen like that, it takes it time so that we can grow and develop into the way that we are meant to and need to. You as the person going through loosing your mojo have to have patience, it will come back but will also take time to come back. It may take longer to get back on your feet than what you first thought but when you do you will be glad that you were patient.

Pray! We have all heard the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ and it does because it is all part of Gods plan. You may not believe in faith but there is a God who will help you, He will help you to become what you need to be, He will help you to develop, He will help you to get your Mojo back. He knows why you are going through this pain but you need to rely on Him and His grace to get you through this time.

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