Blog 124: My Fiancé Birthday


Today is a very special day. 16th June 1992 was the best day ever although I wouldn’t know it for at least 25 years! Daniel my dear fiancé and best friend was born. He was a little brother and a second born boy to his parents. Little did he or I know that he would one day become my husband to be and I would soon become his wife. Little did we know that we would never meet until we went to the same church even though we lived 10 minutes from each other, little did we know that we would have struggles to be together, little did we know that God would lead us together, little did we know that God has a plan from the day we were conceived, little did we know that we would get married to each other and start a new chapter this year in our lives.

I am so grateful to God that you were born and that we were able to meet each other. I think of the time that God bought you into my life and it couldn’t have been at a better time. It was good to come back from 6 months away and find you in my life. I know that I would like to start a relationship with you but also knew that it would take time. We have shared so much from then until now, birthdays, struggles, happiness, excitement, Christmases, holidays, day trips and so much more. Every time I look at you I fall in love with you all over again and still can’t believe that you are my fiancé. Everyday I feel like I have a present and that is you, the gift that just keeps on giving. I know that you will keep on helping me to live my life to the fullest. I know that in every part of life you will be there and I am so thankful and blessed to have you as my husband.

Today you are 28 and we are still not married but soon will be and I am still on cloud 9 but I love you so much and wouldn’t have my life any other way, we will soon be starting our next chapter in life and I know it will be good. We should have been married for 2 months and 12 days but it has not happened which is sad but I love you so much Daniel, my husband to be. I love that you make me laugh everyday. I love that you build me up. I love that you are kind. I love that you are gentle. I love that you help me to relax. I love the hugs you give me. I love you making me a cup of tea. I love the fact that you always make me smile. I love you.

From the moment that I met you in 2015 I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you and I am so blessed that God answered my prayer. I knew it was a long shot but God knew this plan for me before I did, He knew what would happen in my life and He knows what is going to happen. I had been praying ever since I was young that God would provide a good, godly man for me to marry but I didn’t expect it would be you because you are so good for me and you love me so so much, I am so thankful. I thought you were well out of my league, I wasn’t posh enough, I wasn’t intelligent enough, I wasn’t beautiful enough but God thought differently and He had a different plan for both of our lives. Am I so grateful now that His plan was the best plan for both me, for you and for us. I know that life will be so amazing and I am so grateful to celebrate another year with you. We can grow old together!

This next year is going to be hard with getting to know each other and learning how to live with each other once we are married but I wouldn’t want any other person. I don’t want anyone else to be my husband. I am grateful that everyday I get to wake up to your face, that I get to have your dinner on the table when you get home from work, I get to make you lunch, i get to annoy you for the rest of your life! I am so grateful that I trusted God and that He led us together. I am so grateful that we can get old and grey together. Here’s to many more birthdays as you as my husband!

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