Blog 123: Does every life matter?


Have you ever thought about what would happen if every life does matter? Have you ever thought what ever life matters means? Have you ever thought about the people around you and why they matter to you? For you does every life matter? How strongly do you feel that every life matters? It has been thrown into the media once again that not only do black lives matter but so does every life. Those people who have thrown it into the media once again have a point but do we find that ‘lives matter’ is only in the media when something crazy happens when actually it should be in the media more often. A lot of these facts below are crazy:

Fact 1: In 2018 the total abortions in England and Wales was 205,295

Fact 2: The total amount of homicides in 2019 were 701

Fact 3: Racial offences in 2019 in England and Wales were 78,991

Looking at those figures it should make your blood boil, it does mine! Ever life, no matter old, no matter young, no matter disabled, no matter small, no matter large, no matter male or female and no matter sexual orientation every life matters. I don’t say that lightly at all and no one should take life lightly. Every time a baby is conceived a new life starts and we should be grateful and blessed for those little miracles. Many people want to have a child but many people go ahead with abortions or putting their child up for adoption. How is that every life matters? I know that this is a controversial subject but if every life matters doesn’t the baby in the womb matter too? Did you know that the most dangerous place for a baby is in the womb? This honestly makes me so mad.

If every life matters what about those embryos in the womb? What about those black people in the cities? What about those LGBT+ people? What about those little people and big people? What about those who are white? What about those people who just live their life? What about anyone-every life matters no matter and it is important that we all know this no matter how old we are. We need to change our hearts to accept everyone, we then need to address it in our houses, we need to then pass it onto our children and then hopefully we will gradually be able to change the world. In order to do this though we all need to join our hands together, we all need to teach our children, we all need to change our hearts, we all need to change our attitudes, we all need to change our thinking and we all need to change the way that we look at our fellow man and women.

I don’t care whether you are an adult or a child reading this you need to love, respect and appreciate every person. Yes, there will be people that you don’t fully get on well with, there will be people who annoy you and there will be people who you wish you hadn’t met. No matter how much you dislike someone there is no need to wish someone dead! No matter who our fellow man is, who they have been in contact with, how they live their life, who they associate with, where they live we need to know that their life matters as much as someone who is a part of your family. I don’t care whether you are LGBT+, whether you are black, white, African, English, American, Australian, tanned, non-tanned anything you will always be welcome in my house and you will always be welcome to talk to me with no judgement.

I can say this because my heart is changed, my heart is able to accept anyone and everyone because God accepted me for who I am. He accepted my flaws, He accepted my baggage, He accepted my moods, He accepted my body, He accepted my feelings, He accepted everything about me and because of this I am able to accept other people no matter what. Life will be hard and there will be people that I favour above others because I am closer to them but whoever you are I accept you. Life will be hard and not every life will matter but with God every life matters, every baby conceived has been designed and known by Him, every black person is loved by Him, every white person is loved by Him, every women is loved by Him, every man is loved by Him. If we all show each other the love that God has shown us then life will be totally different and less and less people will die because of our actions. We need to spread this word more than every life matters-God loves you and accepts you for you.

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