Blog 121: National Napping Day


How often do you feel down and how often do you speak to someone about it? Do you feel down all the time? Do you feel down when you are just on your own? Do you sleep in the day? Do you want to sleep when no one else is around? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you want to sleep but are unable to because you have things going through your mind? Don’t we all like to nap! If you are unable to get hold of me then you can guarantee that I am having a nap- I can sleep in almost any situation and any environment.

Did you know that 6th June is national napping day? This day started in 1999 because it was said that sleeping in the day helped peoples health and helped them to keep going throughout the day. It was highlighted because it was said that it helped people with health benefits. I don’t know whether this is true but a lot of working people have stopped napping in the day-maybe this is because we are too busy and we do not have enough hours in the day. A lot of people across the world loose out on sleep every night and it can be hard to keep going throughout the day. This could be from having a young baby to having insomnia, to the worries of work, to thinking about the bills we have to pay and so much more. Over the year we loose so much sleep that it affects our everyday life from being stressed at work to not being productive. It is said that adults need on average 6-8 hours of sleep per night but most of us do not get that because we have so much to do and so much to worry about. A lot of us go to sleep with things on our minds that it is often hard to get to sleep or to stay asleep for the whole 6-8 hours.

Some people need more and they need to feel comfortable to be able to have more if they need to. Some people need to have more hours because they use a lot of their senses in the day, they expel more energy where as others don’t need as much. This not because they don’t work hard but because their bodies are different. A lot of people get down because they don’t have enough sleep and they are stressed with everyday work, family and friends. When people feel down they do either these two things, they sleep or keep going with the things that they need to be able to do. Personally when I feel down all I want to do is to sleep. I don’t want to worry about the things around me, I don’t want to be in contact with other people, I don’t want people to fuss over me. With this being said I would like to be in contact with people but I don’t want to feel forced to be able to do it. I love my sleep, I love the comfort of my bed, I love not having to talk to people, I love not having to interact with other people and taking life at a slow pace.

Being down and being tired go hand in hand and they can affect someone’s life a lot and make you sleep more and more. Being tired can make someone feel down and being down can make someone being tired. Either way it is not good for the person and something needs to be done about it.Who was the last person you talked to about being down or being tired? For me when I don’t want to talk about something I say that I am tired so the conversation can be finished or it prevents me from speaking to anyone. You need to be able to speak to someone about your feelings and to be able to tell people how you feel.

When no one is around God is and He knows how you feel, He knows what you want and He will put people in your life to be able to get through it. It is more important to be able to rely on him rather than any other person because they will let you down but He will not. I know that when we are tired God will make us stronger, I know that He will keep me going and will be able to give us the energy that we need for each and everyday. He knows when we get tired and He will give us a good sleep. He knows when things get tough and He will help.

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