Blog 118: Helping with grief


Grief is hard, grief is painful, grief is horrible, grief is part of life, grief is emotional, grief is difficult to accept, grief is frustrating, grief is not something that we can get used to, grief is something we all have to go through, grief is part of loosing someone or something, grief can creep up on us when we least expect it. Grief is something that happens to everyone at some point through life. It is an onset of emotion that happens normally when someone passes away. Grief is a hard things to get through and I have experienced this myself and it is hard and can be quite depressing. It can be hard to move on, it can be hard to be happy, it can be hard to find fun in everyday life. When someone has passed away then it is hard to know how to carry on and how to remember them in a good and joyful way when we really miss them.

Grief is not something that we are able to get over in a couple of days but will stick with us for ages and sometimes even through life. Death leaves a mark on everyone and can last a lifetime and never fully heals. All the time we think about that person who has past, the times we think out their funny times, the times we love them, the times we remember them, the times we miss them, the times we suddenly come across something they will like we will always grieve and it will be hard. Grief is an ongoing thing and it is hard to accept especially when you have such a close connection and they have been around for such a long time. It is hard to loose someone and to ‘just get over’ grief. Many people say over time it will get better but it is really hard to get better and really hard to carry on.

During grief there will be no one can take the pain away but they can support you through it. It is hard for someone to understand grief if they have not ever been through it but support can help. We all like when things are simple and life is okay but when grief hits it sends us all into a spiny because we are not able to cure our grief and move on in the way that we are able to. Grief is something that can happen at the least expected time and someone can pass away when we least expect it. It can be hard and it can be depressing to get through the season of grief. We don’t know when it will flare up but what we do know is that we need to be able to do something that we enjoy when it creeps upon us, whether it is watching a movie, eating or baking, we need to do something that takes our mind of it. It is not to take our mind of the person but to think about the memories and to keep going.

Grief can be seasonal and today for me is a hard day because 10 years ago my Grandad passed away and today is painful to even think about it. I love spending time think about Grandad and the joy that He gave to our lives but we know that He is in a better place with the saviour that He loves. Grandad made us laugh when things were tough, Grandad was there to talk to, Grandad supported us through everything, Grandad was the best that anyone could ask for and I miss Him. Today is a hard day but instead of grieving and thinking about the bad things I will think about all the memories and the love he gave each of us in our own way.

In grief all things can hurt and the memories seem to be like a lifetime ago. It is important to be able to think about the person who was past and the life that they lived. Life is precious and life was created by God and He knows when He wants to take it away. God knows how we feel and God knows what we are going through even when we don’t tell Him what we are feeling. God knows what it is like to grieve, He put His son on the cross and turned His face away but He rose Him so that we are able to come to God and we are able to rely on Him through all emotions and feelings.

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