Blog 117: Accept each other

accept each other

In the society that we live in we find it hard to accept each other, we find it hard to love people just as they are. We find them too noisy, too fat, too skinny, too intelligent, too mad, too crazy, too annoying, too slow, too old, too frustrating and we don’t seem to accept each other and life would be so much better. There are times when we are able to choose what we want to accept and what we don’t want to accept and we need to respect other people and their views in life. It can and will be hard but it makes life a lot better when we do respect each other. No matter what race we are, no matter how old we are, no matter who we marry, no matter how we feel, no matter what our job is we need to accept each other.

It is quite easy not to accept each other and realise that other people are weird but you know the world would be very strange and boring if we were all the same and did all the same things. There are so many differences between us, gender, hair type, race and so much more. There is so much different between each person and it is wonderful, how good was God when we created us all different with different personalities and interests. There are different choices that we are able to make and we are free to do so but we have to think about our actions and the consequences of that. There are choices that we make in our life that can make a difference to other people around us and we can choose to make ‘good’ ones or ‘bad’ ones.

We live in a society where people have so many views and there will always be one person who is wrong and on person who is ‘stupid’ but we need to make sure that we accept other people for their views and their opinions. If we cannot learn to live to accept other people than life will be very lonely and we will isolate ourselves. Looking around in society and there is so much that I wouldn’t choose for myself and my family but I don’t want to judge other people and I don’t want other people to feel like I am being negative on them. I do not agree with most things that happen but I have no right to condemn others for their life choices. I am willing to accept other people for who they are and to learn more from them and see their life experiences.

I struggle with peoples choice but I have no room to judge them and I am willing to accept people for their personal choices as long as it doesn’t affect me. We need to learn to respect and be respected and life would be a much better place. We have to learn to live for ourselves and to live a life that we are happy with no matter what other judgement we may have. We have many choices that we make in life but they are personal to each of us. We should not force our choices on other people but accept them for who they are and they can chose to judge us but we need to make sure that we do not judge them. Everything is personal and we need to learn to accept each other and walk hand in hand with those people that we may not agree with. We need to look for common ground and maybe we can learn from each other.

As a Christian we will be attacked for our beliefs and how we live our life but we need to be careful that we do not force it on other people but instead encourage them gently. Life is going to be so much easier with God beside you and life will be so much harder too. There are things that you want to do that you are not able to do but it is for your good and for your benefit. There will be times when we will want to give up and we don’t want to accept others for their life choices but we need to realise ‘what would Jesus do?’ We need to agree to disagree but to show people that the only way we can have a better life and we can get through all that the world throws at us is through Jesus and His amazing love for us.

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