Blog 115: Don’t be negative

be positive

How negative are you? When you have had a bad day do you feel like it pulls you down? What happens when you feel negative? How often are you negative? Do you find yourself being negative a lot? Do people make you negative? Are you a positive or negative person? In life it is so easy to be negative and to think about all the bad things that happen in life. In society negativity surrounds us and it is almost everyday life that we see the negative things rather than the positive things. I do think that I am a negative person and I am trying to be better and think of the positive things in life but sometimes it can be hard. We can try throughout all our lives to be better, to be wonderful, to be what everyone wants us to be but we need to be positive. We need to try and carry on with the things in life that we have to do.

We often go through the tough times and we don’t often think positively. We often go through the easy times and we don’t think positively either. I think it is because we live in a society full of negative things and surrounded by negative people but we don’t have to be negative. Negativity can wear someone down and the rest of the people around us too. Being negative can harm ourselves and it can harm other people too, so maybe we need to sort out trying to be positive and thinking about the things we are blessed with rather than focusing on the things in life that don’t go well. We need to focus on the positive things in life. I know that living in a negative world can be hard and it can throw things our way that we least expect it but we need to try and be positive.

We all have different emotions and it important to be able to talk about them about the negative and positive things we have to deal with in life. It is important to be able to feel that we can talk about things to the people around us and they are able to come to us to talk about their emotions too. Positive emotions are so much better and they change peoples attitudes about so many things. If you just take a moment to think about the positive things in life and all the things that have happened and the good things that have happened in your life then you will be in such a better mental state. How about you try and look at the positive things that happened today? How about you try and accept the way that life has happened?

There are so many things that can be changed into positive things. Take for example the fact that the train may be late but you know what the train was there and it eventually came. We can make sure that things are positive and we can make sure that we have a positive attitude about life and the things around us. It is easy to be able to be positive but we have to make sure that we are not over positive and annoy other people! With the society in life it is so easy to be able to be negative especially with so many bad things going on in life. We need to be able to have positive thinking and to be able to carry on with life and the way that we want to live.

All the things in life can mean that we have a negative thought process however, God is better than anyone and God can help us to be able to be positive. It is amazing that there are so many things that God has done and created and we still have a negative attitude to life. We get annoyed about the early mornings but we don’t listen to the beauty of the birds singing, we complain about the sun but don’t see that all things need the sun, we complain about the rain but seem to forget we need it to live, we complain about having to work but forget that God made us to work, we complain about being down but forget that God is there and we can come to Him. Today and this week try and focus on the positive things and to see what amazing things and people God has put in your life.

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