Blog 112: Still not done yet


As you can imagine it has been a very hard time for us all, we should have been married about a month ago and I was hoping that the lock down would have been lifted but that has not been so. It has been very hard to think that we should be a month into our marriage and learning how to live with each other but our plans have changed and things have happened that we did not expect. I so wish I could write now that we are legally married as I have been looking forward to getting married no matter what the day was but that has not been able to happen. It has been a sad turn of events but I look forward to the time when I am old and grey and with my husband. These last few months have been a roller coaster-we have had more lows that highs, we have had tears, we have had blood, we have had sweat but in the end whatever we have tried to do has been foiled and we have come to an understanding that we just have to wait and we have to be patient. Some of you know me and I am not very good at that!

These last few months have been a whirlwind, one moment we are hours from getting married and the next our hopes and dreams have been dashed. There have been times when I have wanted to give up, plenty of days when I have spent the day in bed, more tears passed than I could have imagined but at the end of the day I am still engaged and hope to be married at least by the end of the year! Whatever has happened and whatever may happen I am so blessed that I have a fiance that is so supportive and has helped me to be able to get through the ups and downs of this journey- I don’t know where I would be if he had not been supporting me. I look forward to seeing what the future holds and what happens in our lives. I look forward to seeing how God will use us for His glory and seeing what God has in store for us each and as a married couple and then as a family.

I can’t promise that I will be writing blogs every week from now on because life will be so busy being a wife and getting more involved in the church that I attend. I am wanting to do some many things and I am wanting to get better in what I do in life. I want to be able to grow and develop as a person but also as a fiance, wife and then as a mother. Life can be stressful and hard but I am so blessed and glad that I have my best friend and fiance next to me to go through it all. We have done so many adventures throughout our dating time and we look forward to having more adventures and making more memories once we are married. Life will change and life will throw things at us that we don’t expect but I am grateful that my fiance will lead and guide me through it all with Gods help.

One thing that we will be working on as a couple is getting more involved in the church and helping others through their growth in Jesus Christ. It was God that lead us together and it was God that helped us to be in the right place at the right time and I couldn’t be more thankful to Him. We are blessed to be able to have both of our families around us but even more blessed to have the church family. We have had so many people around us and helping us through the last few years that we now feel that it is time that we help others in their journey. We want to help others to be more open in their feelings, we want to help others to get to know God for themselves, we want to help other to be better people.

I had to say marriage is a wonderful thing and I look forward to the many years of being a married women, being a mother and having my best friend to go through life with! Life can be hard and I won’t always have my fiance by my side due to work, family and church commitments but I will have God there. He will help me and protect me, he will look after me, he will console me, he will help me to be patient. I look forward to the years of marriage and how my husband to be and I can develop to be more like Christ.

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