Blog 110: Stuck inside

stuck inside

We have all be on lock down now for the last 25 days! When we think about that it is scary isn’t it? It is sad, it has been hard, it has unexpected, it has been weird! For anyone with anxiety it has been a long hard journey that we want to have over soon! The thought of being stuck inside for the foreseeable future can be hard and it can mean that our anxiety rockets to levels that we have probably not seen in ourselves. It has been a crazy time in all of our lives and we do not know when it will end and how it will end but we need to hold on to the fact that by staying indoors we are keeping ourselves safe and we are keeping others safe too. This hardship that we are suffering at the moment is minor to what our lives could be like if we do get sick and then pass it onto others.

With staying inside and not being able to see our friends it can be hard and it can make our anxieties even worse. With being stuck inside we can turn into ourselves, we can think of all the things that can be hard, we can think of all the things that we want to do but are unable to do, it can make our anxieties even worse. So with sticking inside how are we going to slow down our anxieties, how are we going to move on from our own minds and stay our recovery? We need to keep ourselves busy, not so then we don’t think about how we are feeling but so that we are able to keep going with the things that we need to do. I would automatically say in order to stop our anxiety we need to get outside but with us not being able to we need to develop more activities and new things that we may not have been able to do before.

It is good to take up a new hobby such as sewing, drawing, cooking but if that is not your thing then maybe some computer games or board games. Reach out for those things that you have not been able to do for a while and those things that we have not done for a while. It would be good to reach out for those things that you used to do as kids, maybe do a jigsaw puzzle or something else. It would be good for you mentally and you never know you may find a new hobby. This is a time to sit indoors and we may not feel good about it but think about the things that you are able to do and the new things that you are able to do. You may never be able to have this time back again so develop a new hobby that you can do on your own. Imagine when we are able to get back out again, we would have gained new hobbies, we would have had time on our own that we will never take anyone else for granted. The fresh air will be do good for us and we should never take it for granted again.

Anxiety will be on everyone’s mind at the moment, they are going to worry about their loved ones, they are going to worry about themselves, they may be scared that they will get sick or someone they love will get sick. Our life can be full of anxiety and it the situation that we are in now that is totally normal and I totally understand it. Not only should we think about ourselves and how we are feeling we need to think about other people too, how they are feeling, are they on their own, have they got family around them? Maybe today you can pick up the phone and Facetime someone that you love and have not been able to see. Remember that we are all in the same situation, we all have to stay indoors, we all have to be away from those people that we love. It is hard and I understand why you will feel anxious and depressed but please make sure you reach out to family and friends, you never know you may just make their day!

There are not many things in life that brings us together and not many things that we all have in common but this is one of them. We will feel anxious and that is normal but how we cope with it is different. It is normal to feel scared about the situation because we are not in control but God is full in control. We need to trust in Him and know that everything in life is for a reason. We need to believe that God is fully in control and that just because things are not going our way we should be anxious about it. We need to believe that God will get us through this time.

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