Blog 106: We were almost there


For a good year now this day could not have come soon enough because we were going to be only a few days away from saying ‘I do’ and it was going to be such a joyful and amazing time. However things have happened that have been out of our control, sadness has come over us and we have had to postpone our wedding due to the corona virus that has gripped every part of the world. Not only have so many plans been cancelled but so many people have passed away. It may be a difficult time for us now but we are really sorry and heartbroken for all those people who have lost their lives through this horrible virus. I know that we will be able to do the wedding again because we are all here however some people for other families are not.

From the moment I knew Dan I knew that he was going to be special and if I was blessed enough I would be able to spend my life with him. I had to be patient though, it took him just over three years to ask me out! Believe me it was a long three years but when it did get to the day I was ready to say yes and I was ready for this new chapter in my life. I was ready to be with the person that I had loved for so long and to see where this path led. We did not know what would happen but we knew that God would be in control and He would help us through this new journey and new chapter.

It has been a whirlwind last few months planning the biggest day of my life yet, we have had to get a venue, church, flowers, bridesmaids, dresses, suits, favours and so much more! I didn’t realise that to plan a wedding there would be so much to do and that’s not including making and sending all the invites etc. We have had a great lot of support around us and we have taken lots of people’s advice and wanted to make sure that everyone is happy and we are happy. We want to make other people happy but we also want to be happy ourselves and to have this marriage as something that we are proud of and we are able to keep on going with. We both know that there will be times when it is tough and there will be times when we don’t know what to do but we will have each other for support and we will be able to know that God is in control whatever happens.

I am very excited but I know on the day that it comes I will be very nervous, I hate being the centre of attention but I know that being the bride people will be looking at me. I know that people will be full of opinions and things that they would have done differently but this is our day and we have done it as we want it not how others want it. If it was my way we would have eloped but so many people would have missed this occasion and also it is good for people to hear our vows to each other so down the line they can keep us accountable. It is a once in a lifetime thing for both of us and we can’t wait to start this new adventure together as newlyweds, building our house together and having our own family. I know that there will be hardships along the way and times will be tough but I also know that God will be there to help and provide everything we need at the right time. We can fully trust in Him because He has got us this far in our journey and I know that He will continue with our journey as we get older and maybe wiser!

Marriage is such a time for celebration and a party but it should be a time when in the beginning of the Bible it started with a wedding and at the end it finished with a wedding. A wedding shows how Christ and His church will come together and be one in the new heavens and new earth. As we look forward to our special day we can look forward to an even better day when all of Gods people will be able to enter the new heavens and new earth that God has saved for us. Our wedding will be full of joy but there will be some people who will not be able to be there but in the new heavens and new earth they will be. We are still living in sin and times will get tough but with God this will not be the case.

I was going to be taking some time of blogging because we were going to be newly married but we will not be, however, the moment the lock down is lifted then we will be getting married. With that being said I will be taking some time out to relax, to look at our gifts from John Lewis and get the last few months off my mind with everything that has gone on. I promise I will be back at some point! Remember that there will be blogs every Tuesday and Thursday 6:00am GMT so keep an eye out and check regularly.

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