Blog 104: My not so little brother


24th March 1996, 1 year, 1 month and 11 days after I was born I got a little brother! We have been like twins ever since, having our ups and downs, having our fights, having arguments, having play fights, having issues with each other. We have also had our happy times, making memories, having banter, laughing at our own jokes, speaking a different language to other people, being the butt of each other jokes, being competitive, being annoying, being together, making other people annoyed at how immature we have been and so much more. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. It is so fun to have a younger sibling to annoy but also to look out for too!

Now 24 years later this little brother (who is way taller) is getting married. Can someone please tell me how that happened and why life has gone so fast! I can remember running around in the mud and getting in trouble and now you are going to see your wonderful wife to be walking down the aisle any day now! You may be getting married and starting your own life but you will always be my little brother, you will be the one that I protect, the one that I don’t want to be harmed, the one that I will fight but will fight for any day. You will be the one who will be there when things need to get done, you will be there when I need some DIY needing done, you will be there when we have children and I know that you will be the best uncle ever. I know that whatever life throws at us we will always be siblings and we will have our differences but at the end of the day we will be there for each other.

We have been through so much together, we have been through fights, changing schools, homeschooling, college, leaving home, meeting our lifelong partners, playing in the garden, you being my ‘slave,’ playing ‘churches’ and ‘schools’ as we couldn’t think of anything else to do. We have been on holiday together, wound each other up, almost ‘killed’ each other, protected each other, argued with each other, gone through bereavement, been through stressful things, we have wound other people up, we have frustrated other people, been on holiday but boy I wouldn’t have it any other way! However tall you get, wherever you move to, however many children you have you will always be my little brother- sorry! You were born after me and so you will always be my little brother! You may be getting married, you may start you own family but you will be my little brov!

I remember so many things that happened in our childhood and we were like twins, we would wind each other up so much that mum would have to separate us. I’m still not sure whether that was to protect us or for her own sanity. I remember that you were Dad’s little helper and how much green eyes I got that you used to go to the ‘big boys shop’ and I couldn’t. I remember how you used to look up to our big sister and she would protect you and look after you. I remember how close you were with Grandad and how you used to be the favourite grandson! I remember how much we used to do together. I remember how many people would annoy. I remember how we would stick together when things would be hard. I remember how we would be like the Two Ronnies and trick each other and play pranks on each other.

I remember the first day you came back and said you had a girlfriend and then you said that you had got engaged! I was so upset that I was loosing my little brother and my partner in crime, my Jerry to my Tom, my Jelly to my Peanut butter, my butter to my bread, my pepper to my salt. I am so proud of all that you have become and the lady that you are soon going to be marrying. I know that you will be a great husband and a great dad when the time comes. Don’t let it be soon-I don’t like feeling old!

I know that you will be the best dad and the best husband but also I know that God will lead and guide you in whatever life throws at you. He will help you to become a better person, to make the wise steps and to protect and love your family just as He does for us. Happy birthday brov and have a good one!

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