Blog 101: For my sister


Blister or Sister? I think sister. Beautiful or Ugly? 100% beautiful. Passive or ambitious? Ambitious it has to be. Stupid or brilliant? Brilliant always. Lazy or hardworking? The most hardworking person I know. Selfish or caring? 100% caring, she would never have the vision of working so hard and being the best person that she is able to be to everyone she knows including all her friends and family. Don’t get me wrong we do rub each other up the wrong way and we can annoy each other but we have the best relationship and I know that life wouldn’t be the same without her.

My sister has just had her birthday two days ago and I thought that it was no better time to be able to write a blog about her. We have always had our differences, our arguments, our stresses, our hurts, our happy days, our irritable days, our frustrating days, our adventures and so much more and I am so happy and glad that she has been able to be by my side throughout it all. We have never be really really close but I know that she is there for me and I hope that she knows that I am there for her too. I know that if something does go wrong I will be able to call her and she will come and she will be able to know that I am there for her too. We may have our differences and we may life our life differently but we will always be there for each other no matter what life throws at us.

Siblings are strange things, they have been there since the day you were born. The minute one has a sibling you have licence to mock them, to argue with them, to compete with them, to annoy them, to pressure them, to be mean to them, to embarrass them and so much more. However, you also have to protect them, love them, care for them, treasure them, to guide them, to give them advice, to be there for them. My sister and I have done all of these things. I seem to feel that we have had a love-hate relationship and some days we are closer than others. She will always be the one I turn to and the one I look to for advice. She will always be the one that I look up to and will call with some news or if I just need to have a movie and take away night she will be the first person I will want here.

She is a lot more quieter than I, she is strong-willed, she is patient, she is kind, she is loving and so much more. I love my sister and don’t know what I would really do without her and her love and keeping me down to earth. Sometimes she is ultra quite but there will be times when she will talk to me about how she is feeling and I am so glad that she does and she wants to reach out and keep me up to date with the things that are going on. No matter how tall we grow and how old we get and what life throws at us she will always be my big sister. When life gets hard all I want to do is to be around my sister and to be with her. She calms me down and loves me for being me. I know that in the past I have been a real pain and I have caused some hurt but I am so grateful for her.

Happy Birthday to my dear sister and I really hope that you will know that I am here for you, I know that life is hard but I will still be here. I know that you don’t often like to talk about your feelings but know that you can talk to me about them. Just because I am getting married soon doesn’t mean that you are no longer my sister. You have been there through the hard and easy times right from the beginning and you will be special for that and we will always have a bond that no one else can take away from us.

I know that my sister will not always be there but God will be, I know that He will protect us, I know that He will be with me longer than my sister, I know that He and I will have a special bond, I know that He will continue to help and bless me through the life I live and the people that I meet.

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