Blog 98: Only One can forgive


Saying to someone ‘I am sorry’ or ‘please forgive me’ is hard words to say and they don’t come easy to anyone, especially if you are the one in the wrong. We are taught to say sorry and to forgive people from a young age but it is something that wears of over time sadly as we get older we tend to get more stubborn and think we are in the right. We need to forgive people from the child that stole our pencil at nursery to when we are older and people haven’t visited us when we are in a bad way. Everyday of our life we will need to forgive people around us and we will need to use our example to teach others about how to forgive. There will be small things that we need to forgive people for and there will be big things. There will be things that have offended us and things that have offended those people that we love.

Forgiving someone is hard but is also a skill. We need to forgive people so that we are able to move on with our relationship or our friendship with other people. We need to repeat this action and every time we need to develop it each time. There are different ways to forgive someone depending on their age and our relationship with someone. It takes skill to be able to forgive someone. Once we have done this we are able to move on with our relationship with them. We may not forget the hurt that they have caused but we should be able to move on and try and forget what they have done. It won’t be easy and it will be a long journey but God will be able to help us and He will give us strength to do so.

When we do not forgive someone than not only will it damage our relationship but it will also damage us too. When we are not quick to forgive then it will destroy us and there will be a a cloud of weight hanging over us. Not letting go is draining on the body and the mind. When we refuse to do this it is hurting us more then the other person. We are the ones thinking about it all the time and it gets draining, we loose sleep, we get moody, we get annoyed and this is all because we didn’t forgive in the first place. If we talk to the person who has hurt us then we will be able to talk through the differences and we will be able to understand their point of view. The main reason we hold onto things is because we do not talk about it and we do not understand the other person. If we did this then life would be less complicated and a lot of forgiveness would go on.

As much as we can try and forgive other people it doesn’t always work and we will never forgive fully. Why? We are sinful people and will never be able to fully forgive someone else because we are sinful and they are sinful. Forgiving someone is hard work and takes a lot of effort from both parties. One to admit that they need to forgive and the other party to be able to accept it. There are small things that need forgiveness or big things that need forgiveness and the best thing that we need forgiveness for is our sins. None of us is perfect and we will all sin at some point in our lives and this will affect other people. We may not mean for it to but it will and other people will hurt us too. We are all sinful people and we will do things that are wrong. But at you willing to forgive other people and ask people for their forgiveness when you have done things that have hurt them or are wrong?

We can try and forgive people as much as possible but God is the only one who can fully forgive and the One who will forgive and not hold any grudges. God sent His only son so that we can come to Him through His son. Jesus took on his shoulders all the sin of the whole world and He is the One who is able to forgive us everyday and all day. Jesus forgave us so we are able to forgive other people. He doesn’t hold grudges but instead He wants us to come to Him when we have done something wrong and to rely on Him.

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