Blog 97: No One is perfect


We have all made mistakes in our life, from sending our child to the wrong school, to cutting hair wrong, to forgetting an umbrella, to running out of petrol, to ordering the wrong food, to leaving the oven on, to forgetting to switch the lights of, to spilling a drink, to jumping a red light, to failing our driving test, to telling a little white lie, to forgetting someones birthday, to leaving the heating on, to leaving the handbrake off, to letting the children lose with paint, to failing to say sorry. Not matter how serious all of these are they are still mistakes and we have to be sorry for them.

In the legal world different mistakes lead to different prison sentences, imagine if we all got sent to prison every time we made a mistake or did something wrong. Some of them may be done consciously or unconsciously but they all have the same title. They are all mistakes and we have done wrong. Making mistakes is part of normal life and each mistake we make we need to learn from. Each mistake should not be a mistake but a learning experience and something that we can change in our lives. Mistakes will be part of everyday life and we should accept that but the way we deal with it is different and it should challenge us.

Making mistakes is a good thing in life but dwelling on them and letting them get you down is not. We need to accept the mistakes we have made and we need to be able to accept them and to deal with them in a way that is good for us to do. If you do make a mistake then it does not define you and not to change you and the way that you are. A mistake does not define who you are or what you are. No one is perfect and that is okay, we all make flaws and as long as we forgive each other then we will be able to keep going in life. We have all make some mistakes in life and we will continue to do so which is fine. We are not perfect and life is full of mistakes which can get us down but we need to learn from them and we need to realise that we can learn from them.

As much as going to the bathroom, brushing your teeth or even going to bed are part of life so is making mistakes and learning from them. From a very young age we are taught to say sorry for the things we have done but we are also told to learn from them. Within this we need to accept that we made a mistake and we need to talk to someone about it and then to say sorry. Mistakes can be a hard thing to learn from but they are good for everyone’s development. We can develop and we can move on knowing that we have learnt from the past and we will know how to deal with things in the future. We will be able to see the mistakes we have made and will be able to learn and hopefully help other people through their life journey. Making mistakes can be hard and it will be tough to get through them but we will get through them and we will be able to know more afterwards than before which is the important thing. We will be able to carry on our life journey knowing more today than we did yesterday and learning from the things that have happened.

Every person in history has made mistakes, but one! Jesus Christ, Gods own son, part of the trinity did not make one mistake. He lived a perfect life, died a perfect death. He didn’t make mistakes but His disciples did. Why? Jesus was fully God and fully man but his disciples were just men, men that had been born of sinful parents, men that had made the people pay more taxes, men who got annoyed easily and men who left their families to follow Him. Don’t get me wrong Jesus was born of a sinful woman but he had been conceived by the Holy Spirit which meant He was perfect. We can learn to be the same. Jesus taught He disciples that we can believe and trust in Him so that we can live an eternal life with Him and His father. Will you do that?

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