Blog 95: Love Life

single or married

Are you single? Are you dating? Are you married? Are you with child? Are you an older couple? Are you not into dating? Have you changed your mind about your relationship? Do you have pressure from other people? Do you have children? Do you have time with your spouse? Do you feel that you are getting judged? Do you feel that people are against you? Do you feel you can’t tell people how you feel? Do you feel that people don’t support you? Do you feel isolated? Do you feel hurt? DO you feel that people just don’t accept you for who you are?

I get how it feels, I get that people can be against you, I get that others don’t understand, I get that people don’t want you to loose your dream, I get that people want the best for you, I get that others think they know best, I get that people want to interfere, I get that people want to put their nose in where it is not welcome. However, I also get that you want to do what you want and that you have a heart to follow. It may be that you have thought you would be single all your life but then have met the person that God has planned for you. This doesn’t then meant that you have to stop thinking about your hopes and dreams and you have to stop doing them. Instead, you can have someone by your side to help you. You can have someone who loves you and wants you to keep on going with your dreams and plans but instead of doing it on your own you can do it together and make memories together.

Being in a relationship is not the be all and end all. Being single is not the be all and end all. Both of these things can be great and amazing. Being single you can do so much more, things will be cheap, you don’t have to think about another person, you can come and go as you like, you can go out with anyone, you don’t have to take into consideration other peoples feelings. However, being married is amazing too, you can have children, you can have adventures, you can have company all the time, you can make memories with someone else, you can have someone else to cook for you, you can be annoying to each other but still have love between the two of you. Both of these things can be good things and both of these things God knew what would happen to you before you were even born.

Before the world even began God knew what day you would be born, the time you would meet your future spouse, whether you would be single, what you would do with your time, what your hopes and dreams would be, whether you would be able to have children naturally, what age you will have children, what job you will have, when you will pass away. God knows everything about you-how amazing is that! Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you are worthless and rubbish but just that God has a different plan for you. Just because you are married doesn’t meant that He doesn’t care for you but that this was His plan for you. Both single people and married people can do so much for the church and for God. So many amazing missionaries have been both married and single. Many people that have worked for the church have been both married and single and they have worked so well for God and we will be able to as well.

Even though I am getting married I know that not everyone is going to be getting married and I know that different people happen to do different things with their life. God knows what we need and God knows what is going to happen in our lives and He is in complete control of everything we are going through and going to go through. How many people do you know who can do that? I don’t know anyone! I am so grateful that God does and He has control over my life. You can do anything for God, you just need to have His Holy Spirit in you and you must be willing to follow God’s lead. Don’t give up your hopes and dreams but instead use them in a married life or as a single person. God knows what you need and He knows how you feel. You have to believe in Him and make sure that you are willing to follow Him and the ways that he leads you.

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