Blog 94: Just 49 Days

2Y3A9178We’re getting married in 49 days! Whoop Whoop! We really don’t have that long anymore and the days seem to be coming around really quickly and never seem to be slowing down! The days seem to be taking forever to get to our wedding day but also it seems to be ages since we were engaged. I am looking forward to my wedding day as the day is getting closer. In just 49 days I will be saying ‘I do’ to the person that I have wanted to marry for so long and the day is almost here! It seems apt that it is the day after Valentines Day and yesterday was just 50 days until our wedding. It wasn’t until I started the count down that I realised that Christmas Day and Valentines day were 50 days apart!

Preparing for a wedding is exhausting but so worth it at the end. I woke up today and realised that there is only 49 days left and I want to know where the time has gone and the things that we need to do next. For most of my life I have imagined marrying my prince charming and having a life with him. I have imagined my wedding day since the time I was little and I can’t believe that it is just around the corner. Since I have met the man that I have wanted to marry my ideas have change, colours have changed, the guest lists have changed, the location has changed and I wouldn’t want it any other way because I am marrying my prince.

The excitement is building, my best friend will be flying in soon, the dress is getting fitted, the suits are in, the shoes are bought, the flowers are organised, the cake is getting made, the church is booked, the reception venue is ready, the food has been chosen, almost everything is ready to go. However, we still have 49  days to go and now the time really is counting down and nerves are beginning to hit in. All the nerves can keep coming because I know by the end I will be married and I will be a Mrs Singarajah and I can’t be more happy about it. I look forward to waking up every morning with my husband by my side, a man who I adore, a person who I can go on adventures with and so much more. I look forward to a new era in my life starting and seeing how God works in both of our lives.

I think it is very apt that this day falls the day after valentines day and this is the day of love! Valentines day is about showing the one your love how much you appreciate them but I think that should be done everyday and it is important to do this. I love showing my fiance all my love and this day is even more special this year because we are 49 days away from our wedding and the most important day of our year. We are really looking forward to our wedding but we need to remember what a marriage is all about. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement, the joys and the pressure but we have to remember that God has joined us together and He will help us to grow more in love with each other as the days keep on going.

Valentines Day is a huge thing as it is a day of love, 49 days today we are getting married, another day of love however, everyday should be a day of love. Everyday we can try our best to show people our love but it doesn’t always happen, we still let people down, we still are mean, we are still rude, we are not perfect because we are human and we are sinful. As much as we try and love people we will fail but God does not let us down. God doesn’t need a day to show us His love, He doesn’t go by the world, He doesn’t go by our attitude, He doesn’t go by how we feel instead He loves us each and every day. He knows how to love us and as we count down 50 days I want to show love to my fiance and soon my husband everyday but I will fail. God will not and He is going to love us continually. I can’t wait to show people how much we love each other but also how much God loves us on our wedding day.

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