Blog 93: 1/4 of a century


Can someone please tell me how I became 25 years of age? This life has just flown by and I don’t know how it has happened. I seem to blink and life goes before me. I seem to turn to the right and I’m a year older! I can’t believe that it was 25 years ago that I was born into this world and how so much has happened in the world and in my life since then. I can’t believe that things have happened in my life that I didn’t expect. I can’t believe that I am now of an age where I feel old compared to the generation under me. I can’t believe that I remember the floppy disk, I can remember computers in schools for the first time, I can remember Barbies, I can remember having to walk to school because we only had one car. I can’t believe that with everything I have gone through that God is still there for me.

I cannot believe that Google was founded in 1998, The film Titanic dominated the Oscars, Apple became a company, the world trade centres were attacked, Barack Obama became the first black president, tsunami hit the Indian ocean on boxing day, the memory stick overtook the floppy disk and we had the London Olympics. We also had the Iraqi war, the worlds tallest building was created, creator of the iPhone passed away, Princess Diane was killed in a car crash, more Christians have been killed for their faith, both Prince William and Prince Harry got married and have had children, terrorists groups were formed, London, Paris and Belgium were hit by terrorist groups, mass shootings in the USA and so much more. There has been so much that has happened in the last 25 years and it is hard to realise that life has flashed before me!

So much has happened in the last 25 years and how much good things? Hardly anything! Looking back I can’t remember everything that has happened since the day I was born but I sure do remember that not all of it was positive and a lot more negative things will happen before I pass. It is so sad to look back on this 25 years and to remember all the sad things that have happened in the world and to many different people. I can look back at my own life and even though I have regrets and have not been happy with the things that have been going on I am blessed and happy to have got this far into my life. I can say I am pleased with the last 25 years of my life and how far I have been able to come.

There have been some stages in my life where I have wanted to end it, I have wanted to be able to carry on with my life but I haven’t really inside and I keep going because of people around me. It is hard to have a positive mindset when the world is full of so many negative things. I know that life does get better and I have to look back on all the good things that have happened in my life. Many negative things have happened and things I don’t want to look back on. Life has its ups and down but I am grateful to be alive today to be able to look back on them fondness.

I found my everlasting earthly family at 4, I found my family of Christ at 8, I was baptised at 13, I started College at 17, I have travelled to Sweden at 14, America twice aged 17 and 23, Colombia twice aged 11 and 19, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Devon. I have learnt how to cook, found my own place to live, become an adult, made memories with friends here and abroad. I have also gone from being single to now almost being married. In these last 25 years I have been blessed on so many levels and I am thankful for those people that have stood by me through all of them.

Most of all I am grateful to God for helping me, for believing in me, for leading me, for accepting me for who I am. I haven’t always lived in the right way and I haven’t always done things right but he has never given up on me. He has been the one person that I can always turn too and has been with me when I am away from my family and I will be forever grateful for that. God has made me the person who I am and He knew what He was doing when He gave me the gift of life in 1995.

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