Blog 92: Valentines Day


Every year most celebrate the 14th February as the most loved up day that there is. I do think we should have one day of the year that we concentrate on our loved ones and we show them how much we love and adore them. Each day can be so busy and each day we have other things to do that sometimes we forget about our other half and how much we really love them. In this day and age there are so many things that we take for granted and our partners can be one. There are so many things that can distract us from our loved ones and we shouldn’t take them for granted for all that they are and all that they have done for us. There is so much worldly things that seem to divert our attention from those we love so we have to make extra effort to show love to those people and that is okay and totally worth doing.

We have one day in the year that we should be able to show our love to those people around us but I believe that we should show our love to people around us most of the time and we should be able to put them first. It isn’t an easy thing to do but it is so worth it. When people leave us for a holiday or even pass away we realise that we miss them and that we want to see them and we should have that feeling for most of the time. We need to think of those times more often and put more effort into our relationships. Sometimes there are things that get in the way but we should always want to be with our partners and to be able to love them more and more each day. My two best friends live a far distance away, one an hour away and one in America and I find it so special when we meet up because we want too. We have made the effort to meet up, we have travelled to meet up, it is special to meet up and I want to show my love to them. This is what it should be like all the time with the people we love and not just our partners or spouses.

Valentines day is a wonderful time in our house because we always set it aside to be together and to be able to have ‘our’ time. We mark it in the diary so we can set all the stress aside and to have fun time together. With my birthday just the day before we tend to do valentines day on that day and combine the two because it is a lot cheaper and we can spend two days together rather than one! We tend to celebrate Valentines day on my birthday as it is cheaper and then have a take away for Valentines Day, you can’t beat a good old take away, movie and snuggles (some people may call this Netflix and chill!) on the most lovey day of the year. Valentines day is a good time to have the people around us that we love. Maybe as me and my siblings will be getting married soon we should make this a couples day and start to gather together more often.

This is a time that we should be blessed and grateful with the people around us. We should be able to spend time with our family and the friends that we love. This Valentines day you may all say that you have the best partner in the world but actually I do! My fiance is so amazing, so loving and so caring! I love spending time with him, going on adventures and making more memories. The times I am not well and He makes me laugh, the times when He makes funny face, the times when he comes home from work and cooks dinner, the time when he seems to sense I have had a bad day, the times he is tired but still cares, all the hours he puts into his work, all the love he shows, I will remember for as long as I shall live.

In all of this we have so many people around us that love us but God is the only one that can fill our heart with true love. He will be the one that will always be there when others are there. He doesn’t have one day that He loves us more that others. He loves us all equally all the time and whatever we do He will always love us even though He may not like us. I am so grateful for the love that others have shown me but God’s love will never fail and I am so blessed to be able to know that!

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