Blog 85: On your wedding day


Can you believe that my best friend is getting married? In two days time she will be walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do’ to the love of her life. Alyssa this blog is for you and your new husband to be Wyatt. I cannot believe that we will be getting married 10 weeks apart and I can’t wait for you to be married on Saturday-what a wonderful day it will be and what a joyful event for the calendar. I still can’t believe that after 5 years (to the day on the 18th!) we are still best friends and we will both be getting married in the same year! I am totally gutted that I will not be able to be there but I will be there in spirit and will be thinking of you all the day through.

We first met in Colombia, My heart Country and after three days of spending time with you I never knew that we would be best friends from the other side of the world. We didn’t know each other when we met but we seemed to click and have been best friends ever since. Colombia was an adventure for both of us and I am so glad I arrived on the tail end of you visit. You were such a blessing to the people around and made everyone laugh with your american accent and laughing at my ‘posh’ English accent. You really did bring joy to all the Colombian children and adults that you met and also to me, my life has not be the same since and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We had spoken about it but I never knew that you would come over to England to see me a year later and I was so blessed by your presence. You helped me through a difficult family time, you let me cry on your shoulder, you let me have hugs when I needed it, you let me rant, you let me be emotional and I don’t know anyone else who would do that for me only after 5 days of being together. My best memory of you was when we went to London and typically English weather it was raining and you just laughed it off and we kept going. We made so many memories from going to the beach, heading to see Lion King at the theatre, going to Hampton Court and getting almost sea sick on the boat, heading to Winston Churchill old house, seeing my family, visiting my brother in hospital, going to a garden centre and so much more. I am so glad that I could be with you for 10 days and for laughing all the way through. You really were amazing and loved having you in England. Please come back soon.

When it was my time to come to America I knew that it would be fun and that we would have so many laughs and adventures together. I loved coming over and seeing your family for the first time. I had such an amazing time staying with you guys and doing so many things. You have more energy than I would ever imagine a person to have! I can’t believe that we went to my first baseball game and I didn’t understand a thing and we were able to have a BBQ in the car park- that would never be allowed in England. It was so good to be free and to be in the countryside for 2 weeks. I enjoyed seeing your family, going to Duluth, Grandads bluff, eating so much ice cream, seeing CVII headquarters, going downtown, heading to the zoo, walking charlie, swimming in the lake. I really enjoyed more than I can say having you as my tour guide and also being my best friend! You really are incredible.

Alyssa as you get married this weekend to Wyatt I want you to know that I will be praying for you both and you will know that God is blessing you on this day. I am so excited to see what the future will hold and seeing how God uses you both to serve Him. I know that as you head into this journey God will keep you close to Him and He will protect you in the things to come. I am so gutted that I am not able to be there but I want you to know Alyssa Joy, you bring so much joy to so many people so on saturday I hope your heart is full of joy and you and Wyatt have an amazing day. Jump into this day with both hands and God will bless you. Love you loads Alyssa and Wyatt and see you soon!

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