Blog 84: New year resolutions

20 20

Its another day we are already into day 14 of the new year! How the last 14 days have flown by. I can’t believe that we are two weeks into this year already! Where did that time go?What things are you planning to do this year? Have you stuck to your new years resolutions? How did you celebrate the new year? Are you ready for this year and what challenges and things will come your way? We look to this new year in two different ways either looking forward to the next 365 days or have had a bad last 365 days that we are preparing for a downer this year-what is your outlook looking like? Are you trying to be positive or negative? Are you looking forward to what the future holds or are you a bit scared to carry on?

Most people are going into this year with joy in their hearts, feeling good that they have another year, feeling happy that they can get things done, feeling please that they have another chance to show themselves, getting ready for the times to come where heard or easy, setting some goals to complete by the end of the year. These are called new years resolutions and most people make these and then most people break them. It is the one thing that most people seem to do across the world, they want to be better at certain things, they want to set goals, they want to make themselves better, they want to make the world around them better. They make goals to make themselves better and to make the world better.

Most people seem to keep their resolutions private. Why? They don’t want to get to the end of the year and get asked whether they have been able to achieve them. In most cases it would be no because they had a really busy year and they couldn’t keep it up. We all seem to go so fast in our lives that we seem to forget the normal things let alone the more important things. New years resolutions are an important thing to do but not everyone has to do them and has time for them. We don’t have to make targets that we somehow know that we are not going to keep. We know deep down that we just do it because everyone else s doing it and it seems good but really we can’t be bothered and we don’t see the point.

Making resolutions can be a good thing but life has a lot of pressure anyway and who needs that. Why don’t we set goals that we are able to carry on in our life and that we are able to keep going. There are many resolutions that we may want to try and do, we may want to eat less chocolate, we may want to watch less TV, we may want to go for more walks, we may want to learn to drive, we may want to read the Bible more, meet up with family, have some couple times, go the the gym weekly, go to church meetings, be with friends more. It is better to have targets for the year rather to make something up that you are likely to break. It seems that every year we have to make sure we make resolutions to make ourselves better and to be able to keep up with the things that we want too. We want to be better than we were last year and new years resolutions seem to help us with that but they can also put pressure on us too.

Being perfect is very hard and even though we think we are doing a great job in keeping our promises to ourselves and others it is a hard thing to do. We are trying to be better people but we will never be perfect for as much as we try. Sorry to say this but you are not perfect and no one is and has ever been. Except One. There was One who was perfect because He was fully God and fully man. Jesus Christ didn’t have to do any new years resolutions to make sure He was accountable, He didn’t have to make sure that everything was perfect because He was perfect. Jesus was the only man to ever have walked this earth who was perfect. It is okay not to be perfect because Jesus can make you more like Him if you let Him- This year, 2020, will you do that? Are you willing for Jesus to work in your life so that you can become more like Him, so you can be a better person, so you can be more perfect, so in the new creation you will be perfect?

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