Blog 80: 2020 Change

Aspirations Concept

As it is a new year and a new decade, there are going to be changes in everyone’s life, from the age they are now, to getting married, to retiring, to having a new baby, to starting a new relationship, to being in a new job, getting a new car, making friend, travelling and so much more. The new year always seems to be full of changes and I find that a lot happens in a short space of time and when we least expect it. For the last year I have been writing blogs for being published 6am GMT on Wednesday but now I think it is time for change. Its time to do things differently, its time to change some things around, its time for a new adventure and to reach out to more people and more countries. A lot of you may not like change but I can promise you that this is going to be a good one!

Now as we head into 2020 I will be getting married and there will be a lot of new things happening so why not change things around and have a new adventure, who says we are too old to explore new things and have new challenges. With this being said I will now be publishing my blogs 6am GMT every Tuesday and Thursday. That means that not only do you get to enjoy one blog a week but now two! As you can imagine it will be double to work and double the blogs but I enjoy blogging so why not. I like to reach out to as many people as I can within many different countries and I feel that this is the best way to do so. I want to be more interested in your life and you to learn some lessons from what I have learnt. My life is not exciting but as I get older it will become more exciting and I hope that through my blogs you can learn things and not make the same mistakes that I do.

I know that sometimes I will miss some blogs and with me getting married in April I will be having some time off from the beginning of April until the middle of May. As you will probably be able to understand I want to be able to spend time with my new husband and as newlyweds. Being married is such a joyful thing and I want to be able to make the first month and a bit so wonderful and want to treasure every moment that there is. I hope you will understand and still want to follow my journey and this young adult living her life and soon to be a newly married person. I want to be able to take time away to have time with just me and my husband. This does not mean an end to my blogs but it just means that I will be having a break and I will be back and with so much more to write on. I will be a young adult living the life as a married person but will try and keep it relevant to everyone. I hope I will continue to blog as I get older and things happen.

From the end of May onward I will continue to publish a blog every Tuesday and Thursday and would like to have lots of input from my readers. If there is anything that you would like me to blog on please do let me know and I will be happy to write them. I want to take into consideration what my readers would like. I am so blessed to be able to reach the amount of people I do and to be able to share the new of God and how much He has blessed me and helped me to live the life I am able to and to keep going no matter what throws at me. I know I can always trust in God and what His plan is for my life. I know that there will be times that are hard and not everyday will be easy but I know that God understands and He will help me to be a better person through everything that happens.

With God anything can happen and I know that through the next year and for the years that I continue to blog He will help me to be able to trust in Him and know that He is doing all things well for me. I know that life will be hard and there will be so many things that could happen but I know that God is by my side and He will continue to help me carry on this life. I know that when my soon-to-be husband is not around or is busy God will be there and I will be able to rely on Him and His love for me.

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