Blog 77: Stockings Out


It is now less than seven days until Christmas day and I can’t be more excited! I love this time of the year, I love seeing the family that I haven’t seen for a while, I love being with the in-laws, I love being around the Christmas things. I love this festive season and I am more excited than ever to have this Christmas and what a wonderful time it will be! From now on you can guarantee that I will begin to act like a child. I get excited with everything going on, all the lights, the presents etc that when it actually comes to the day I am exhausted! I do love filling up the stockings though and this year will be the first time when my fiance and I will have one and I look forward to His face on Christmas day when He gets to open it. It will be good to start our own traditions fully when we get married and start a family of our own.

The week before Christmas this year for me is totally different than any other, I have my own flat to live, I am engaged and I am planning on having people around. What a wonderful time it will be. I really look forward to having both sides of my family around me and to see them all in the festive season. It is going to more complicated because I don’t know who to spend each day with and how the logistics are going to work out but nevertheless I am excited to be surrounded by family and friends! I do find that at this time of year people put things to one side and people join together and try and get on, they try and put the rifts to one side and be as happy as they can be. It will be an awesome time with family and our loved ones.

I love being in my own flat at this time of year, we have really gone to town with Christmas and everything that comes with it. We have the tree up (just a little one), almost all of the presents wrapped, the dishes are ready to be filled, the turkey is in the freezer, the stockings are hanging out, it is all exciting and especially now that we have our own space. We can decorate the house how we would like it to be. We like to be fully prepared because not only do we like people around over the holidays but I also like to have people around before. There is nothing better than the lead up to Christmas day and everything that comes along with it. I really do enjoy every part of it even when it can be stressful and there is so much to do.

As much as it is great to have so much decorations and so much to do it is still easy to forget why we have Christmas and what the real meaning is. For us this year we have to make an extra effort of remember the reason for the season. Everything is so new and exciting but we need to remember as to why we have this time and what it is all about. I am looking forward to being a witness to the family, to having my own space to go back to, being with friends and spending the first Christmas in my new flat. As much as all this will be exciting and new I know I need to remember the first Christmas when Jesus was born to His family and as a gift to the rest of the world.

As well as all of this I am looking forward to being Christ-like, to accepting people into our home that we wouldn’t normally have, to give the gifts just as God gave us His gift of Jesus. I love being reminded that God sent His son for us, He was born a humble birth, lived a humble life and died a humble death so we can all live forever. We try and remember this throughout the year but we need to try and especially remember this at this time of the year. Life seems to be so busy that we can forget that Jesus is the reason for the season and if it wasn’t for Him being born then we would not have a reason to celebrate and we wouldn’t be able to spend eternity with God.

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