Blog 75: Its December!


Christmas is coming! The turkey is getting fat! The presents are getting wrapped! The Christmas trees are going up! The schools will break up soon! The shops are full! The cards are being sent! The food is being bought! The families are meeting! The carols are starting! The services are beginning! The calendars are getting full! The decorations are up! The busyness has started! Everything is in full swing! December is full-on and it is so busy! Do you find that this time of the year just seems to flash by and before we know it it is Christmas day! Time seems to go so quickly and I can’t believe that in just two week my Fiance breaks up from school! I look forward to spending the next few weeks with Him and to celebrate Christmas.

I still can’t believe that this month is upon us again and the festive season has started! I love the Christmas season and the leading up to it. It is the best time of the year when I get to see people who I haven’t seen for a while, I get to have fun and for a few days I get to become a child! I love being able to wind the children up about their presents, seeing what they want for their stocking, going out and seeing the lights and the more ridiculous ones too. I really enjoy getting the house ready and wrapping all the presents and of course having so much food. It is really a time to celebrate and have time together as a family. This year will be my first one being engaged and it is wonderful. It is so easy to get wound up into the chaos of the Christmas preparation and to forget about the real reason why we have this season.

Christmas is about the King, the Lord, the saviour, the wonder counsellor, the lamb, the son of God, the Emmanuel, the master, the shepherd. Its all about Jesus Christ and how He was born for the rest of the world. This is the point at which the world changed, the point at which God’s plan for the world began. This is the point at which a small baby, who was half God half man, came into the world. He was born from a virgin, he was born to a carpenter and even though He was the king He wasn’t born in a palace but in a stable and laid to sleep in a manager. He was born to a poor family, a couple who were both virgins and had just got married. He was a normal baby but He was not. He was the King and the answer to God saving the world.

What other king do you know that was placed in a manger after they were born? What other king had animals around him? What other king’s birth was announced to shepherds by angels? What other kings followed a star to see the main king? What other kings were half God and half human? As far as I’m aware no other king or queen has had this. No other person has been like this. No other person has been born as a man but is fully God. No other person has been born to a virgin. No other person has been born where it was predicted thousands of years before. No other person has been as humble as Jesus.

If it wasn’t for Christmas then we would not have Easter. Not only should we keep Christ in Christmas, we should keep him alive in our hearts. We should know that He came to save mankind and everyone in it. He came to save the vilest offender, the worst person, the murderer, the rapist, the thief, the worst person you could ever think off! We can often forget about Christ at this point but lets make a point this Christmas to keep Christ alive in your hearts. CHRISTmas is all about CHRIST and His birth, we would not have His resurrection if He was not born

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