Blog 73: 136 Days

Bride and groom sign

Today marks 136 days until I get to walk down the aisle and say ‘I do’ and I couldn’t be more excited. I know that it will be the best day of my life and I can’t wait until I can do this will all the people I love around me. I look forward to being call a Mrs and having a husband! I look forward to being with my friends and family from all across the world. I know it will be a special day no matter what happens.

Getting to this day has been so hard, there have been ups, downs, blood, sweat and tears, arguments, conflicts, moving, money worries but I know that all in good time it will come out in the wash. Life is hard but it will be so worth it when my fiance and I are at the altar and getting married! For us 2020 is going to be such a special year and we look forward to all that married life holds! There are so many things we look forward to, so many things that will happen and so many adventures we will go on but I am looking forward to having him by my side to do many of them.

I look forward to marrying a godly man and developing our lives as Jesus would want them to be, we look forward to serving the church and the community is ways that we haven’t been able to before, to welcome people into our house that we haven’t been able to see, teaching our children the way of Christ, having Bible studies in our house, being part of the community, being a good witness and so much more. I know that married life is going to be so different from my life now and I know that a lot is going to change but I am ready and look forward to having the love of my life next to me when I do so!

I know that when I get married there will be so many things people haven’t told me, so many things that I didn’t know, so many things will come as a surprise, so many things I will have to change about myself but I am prepared and looking forward to it. I know that we will both find out things that we didn’t know and I know that things will be great but also different however it is going to be amazing. Practically preparing for the wedding there is still so much more to do, doing an order of service, getting the seating plan done, organising the times of the day and so much more but it will all be done and if its not then there is nothing more to do!

I know that in 136 days God will be there at the altar guiding us both through the wedding ceremony and helping us. I know after 2 months He will still be there, after one year He will still be there. As we grow old and grey together I know that God will guide and direct us in our lives and He will help us when difficult things come up and He will guide us through the easy path-He will never leave our side and I couldn’t be more grateful! We both know that we are marrying each other but we want God to be at the center of our marriage and that is the most important thing.

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