Blog 71: We will remember.


11th of the 11th at 11:00am. If I said that to you what would come to your mind? I hope that it would be armistice day when the first world war ended and their was peace in the world for the first time in four years. It was a shocking time when over 10 million military people died and over 7 million civilians- that is as many as the whole of Holland! Can you imagine that many people dying and that many people getting killed-its shocking isn’t it?

Remembrance day is when we are able to remember peace and that so many people were injured and killed but we are now able to live our lives how we want and in peace- I don’t think. The sad thing is that so many of these men died and were injured so that we could be free to do what we want but literally 7,599 days until the next war would start and it would happen all over again but this time more people would die, more people would be displaced and more people would sacrifice.

Every year on the 11th November and the nearest Sunday there is a two minutes silence for those people that lost their lives and for those people that were injured and suffered. There is ceremonies, poppies laid, bells rung and silence but is this really enough? SO many people died and were affected that we only give them two minutes every year to remember them. This was such a turning point in the world. The first world war was called the great war and the second call the war to end all wars but it didn’t. As much as we would love it for us to live in a peaceful world now it it not going to happen because we are sinful people.

We still have wars in families, wars in governments, wars in friends, wars in neighbourhoods, wars against cultures, wars against each other and wars against countries. It is such a sad turn of events and such a heartbreaking thing for all those people that are involved. So many families were affected, their loved ones didn’t come home, people went missing in action, some had traumas for the rest of their lives. The men and women of the two wars gave and give their life for their countries so we could have peace and we don’t live in it. We almost don’t want to live in peace but that is the way we are all because of our first parents. We need someone or something to save us and it is not the soldiers or anyone around us but Jesus Christ and his blood shed for us.

There is One above everyone who gave their life for the whole world, not just for their friends or their family but for everyone. Do we remember Jesus as we should? We use His name as a swear word, the person who gave everything for us we cus and we mock in our everyday life- does he really deserve that? No! So as we remember those who have sacrificed a lot for us will we remember the One who sacrificed everything for us?

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