Blog 70: No to Halloween


Its that time of year again when people get ready for the Halloween festival, they dress up, go trick or treating, have parties, get drunk, go shopping, wear hardly anything and I find it the worst night of the year. Not only don’t I believe in Halloween I find it very scary and uncomfortable. I was bought up in a house that did not celebrate it and I am quite happy that we didn’t. It is freaky and I hate it.

The origins of the day are grounded in evil, and considered a night to think about the devil haunted houses, ghosts, witches and so many things from the dark side and to do with Satan. I really don’t understand why people would want to celebrate such a dark day with drinking and going out in the cold! It is a day to celebrate evil and darkness and I don’t think we need anymore darkness in this world. I have never understood why this day would be celebrated and I am not planning on celebrating it anytime soon!

When I was younger we used to have to switch of all the lights, go upstairs with a torch, be quiet and make people believe that we were not at home so they didn’t come around to try and get some treats. This almost made the day worse for me because it meant that I was scared of any noise that happened in the house and anyone near our house outside. My view is that you should not open the door but leave a box of tracks at the end of the drive so then they don’t have to come near the house but also learn about Jesus Christ on the darkest and most sinful day of the year.

The main thing about Halloween is that it focuses on death, hell and darkness. Jesus celebrates life, heaven and light and we should be thinking about that. The word is full of so much darkness and sadness, why do we need a day to focus on that when we should really have a day to focus on the light of Jesus that has come. You hear so often about the pain that people go through everyday, the pain of loosing a child, the pain of a bomb being dropped on people, the pain of a plane going down, the pain of someone being stabbed, the pain of someone being killed, the pain of a house being broken into, the pain of a relationship broken down, the pain of this world all day everyday, we should not have a day where we focus on the devil and the sin of this world.

Tomorrow as people all across the world celebrate Halloween I will be snuggled up with my fiance, with a movie and a huge bar of chocolate and ignoring everything that goes on outside. I know that this may not be the right thing to do either but I will show my neighbours how to live by the actions I do and the way that I speak. It is much better to live everyday like Christ than to show it that one day of the year. Halloween is a scary time but it should be a time when people should consider that this world is full of darkness and we need light. The light has come, in the shape of a man and as a form of God. What better news is there than Jesus coming to save you from the darkness of this world and your sin. Jesus has come to save, put your trust in him!

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