Blog 69: Short Days


The beginning of October signals something different, something strange but something that we have all gone through before. Every single child in Britain has gone through this period in their life and will continue to do so. It is the dreaded word with six letter, the weather changes, people get moody, the darkness closes in, the layers get put back on, the heating needs to go on, it is winter.

Winter signals that end of the summer months, the end of the everlasting sun, the end of the BBQ, the end of the games outside, the end of the late night beach walks, the end of the summer holidays, the end of the no shoes, the end of wear no coat, the end of just chilling. I couldn’t be sadder. When it does come it comes with a vengeance. It comes to sting.

For me winter is a hard few months, I get a cold, I feel rotten, I feel vulnerable, I feel sad, I feel down, I feel depressed, I want to stay indoors but know it is good to get outside. Being outside in the air and with the birds singing is good but it is always cold. Things happen that make me not want to o outside-the amount of layers that I have to put on puts me of to begin with. I then might be caught out by the rain, Winter lasts a good few months and I never really get to see the light at the end of the tunnel until I see the spring flowers coming up.

There is several things I enjoy about winter and that is the snow but it drags on and I get cold. Christmas I love and enjoy meeting up with family but that is over in a flash. I enjoy getting to see the early morning dew but I hate getting up that early. There are so many negative things about winter that we all just hate. The main thing I hate and wish never happened was the clocks going back an hour, we may gain an hour in bed, we lose the evenings. The worst thing for me is walking back from work in the dark and making sure that I am safe.

Winter can be an unsafe and tiring time, it gets dark early and your mind plays tricks on you but God is in control through every season of the year and every season of your life. You may not understand what is happening in your life at this moment in time but God has a bigger plan for you. He knows how much pain and emotions you can take and He will help you throughout it all. All you need to do is one simple thing: Trust in him!

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