Blog 67: What about the Grandparents?


Everyone in this world has had or has a set of four grandparents and on top of that they may have more with step families etc. Who wouldn’t want to have them? They spoil us, take us to the fair, buy us gifts, feed us sugar, wind us up just before bedtime, tickle us until we pee a little, babysit us, feed us until we are about to burst, make us laugh, understand us, have listening ears, give great advice-overall they are great.

It is sad when people don’t get to see their grandparents for one reason or another or that they haven’t met them because they passed away before they were born. Sadly I was not able to meet my dads parents due to the latter. How I would have loved them and to be able to see them and grow up with them. I know that my aunt looks just like my Grandma Joy and that is some consolation that I am able to see my grandma in her. I wished I had seen her and to love her as a grandma. I know that she would have loved to see me but it was not to be and I know now she is in a better place.

However, on the other side I was able to see and develop a friendship and love for my mums parents. They were amazing, they did use to wind me up, feed me sugar, pay for treats, listen to my moans, give advice even when I didn’t want to hear it, let me nap and so much more. They were and are amazing. Sadly I lost my Grandad to cancer in 2012 and I have missed him ever since. It has been hard to keep going but I do because of my Nan. She lost her soulmate after just over 50 years of marriage! It is sad to loose someone you love so dearly and not to be able to have them around your life anymore.

Two days ago was a great day that should be celebrated worldwide-National Grandparents Day-Did you know that? We have a day that is dedicated to grandparents! Maybe it is time that we treated them to treats, we took them for days out or even simpler we could go and visit them, take them to that location they have always wanted to go through. They were there and provided for you when you were little and couldn’t give anything back and sop maybe it is right to give something back to them.

Eventually grandparents will pass away and you will become a grandparent to your own children’s children. You will always ask how that happens-people grow up right in front of your eyes. We will get older and more fragile that we will need help. As we get older and eventually pass away I know for myself that I will see all my christian family again. I know that they will be in glory and we have nothing to fear. It will be painful because I won’t be able to see them on this earth but I will be able to see them again. Will you?

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