Blog 66: I am me

woman-happiness pixabay

We, all I hope, have watched the Greatest Showman-in fact it is probably one of the best movies ever made and it is one of my favourites. Why? It deals with people that aren’t accepted for who they are in society and are gradually accepted because of their singing. They were once bullied but now famous, they were once outcasts but now welcomes, they were once a negative part of society and now positive. Through singing and being in a circus they have been accepted and have learnt how it is to be accepted.

‘I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I am meant to be, this is me.’ What an amazing part of the song. With all the negative vibes all around they are able to sing this and actually mean it. I wonder how many of us actually believe in ourselves and we can do well? How many of us are able to sing this song with confidence and are happy within ourselves to do so? I want you to know reading this that you have been bruised and you have had bad things go on in your life but you are you and no one can affect that.

It has and will take me even longer that I am who I am meant to be. I am myself and no one can or is able to take that away from me. I know that things can get hard and in the future I will be ‘bruised’ to but it is who I am meant to be and I will always be me. Not everyone will accept me for being me but they will understand who I am meant to be and why I am on this earth. We all have a purpose of being on this earth and deserve to have a chance to be who we want to be.

Not everyone will see the good in me and I myself will not see the good in me either but this is how God has made me and this is how He wants me to be able to live. He will direct and guide me to the right paths that He wants me to take. He will put negative people in my path not just to be annoying but so that I can grow and develop into the person He wants me to be. It is a hard thing to do and to accept yourself as being you but you will get their. It will take years to look back and realise that things happened for a reason and you were born for a reason.

In the past I have felt that I shouldn’t be on this earth and have actually tried to kill myself. I didn’t want to harm anyone in doing this but I didn’t accept me as being me. I didn’t realise that God had a purpose in my life and he wanted me alive. I didn’t realise that God has let me struggle to be strong and to help other people. I am just now beginning to realise that I am me and no one can take that away.

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