Blog 63: Suicide

2018-09-10 Suicide prevention

Can you believe that one million people commit suicide every year? Someone commits suicide every 40 seconds. There is about 3,000 deaths every day with suicide. To every three males that commit suicide one female commits it. More people die from suicide than from murder or war! There is 20 people who try to commit suicide to every one that is fatal. Suicide is the most common cause of death for people aged 15-24. How shocking and sad are those figures? What do you make about those numbers? How do you feel knowing that the most common death between 15-24 is suicide? You know at least two person who has struggled with suicide or even done something that has effected them fatally.

Yesterday was worldwide suicide prevention day and is marked on 10th September every year. This is the day in which awareness and commitment is talked about to prevent suicides and to have a better understanding. As from the numbers above the facts of suicide are shocking! We all know someone who currently suffers with mental health and it hurts to see it in a person you love. We need to raise more awareness in regards to suicide and the people that die from it.

Every person that passes away is sad and horrible but every person who dies from suicide is devastating and leaves a huge hole and so many unanswered questions. Why didn’t we see it? Why didn’t they talk about it? What was there problem? Why are they being selfish? How did I not know how they were feeling? When did this mental illness start? Why didn’t they tell me they felt this way? Why didn’t they open up more? Did I do something wrong for them to feel this way? Why do they want to kill themselves?

Suicide is such a horrible thing but it all steams from mental illness and how people are feeling. Having suffered from mental health and still suffering from it I know how harmful and damaging it can be. I know the dark thoughts that can go through my head, I know how it is to have suicidal thoughts. I know how it is to try and kill myself. I know what it is like to fail. I know what it is like to want to kill myself. I know what it is like to have the questions asked. I know what it is like to have people think you are selfish. I know what it is like to be in a dark place. I know what it is like to have the damaging thoughts and to fail in killing myself. I don’t say these things to gloat about it but say it to make more people aware.

Suicide can be hard for all involved but if you are struggling, as much as it may be hard, reach out to someone, reach out to someone who can help, reach out to family members, reach out to friends. They may not be able to fully help you with your mental illness and may not have all the questions but they can be there to talk to. It does get better with time even though you may not see it now. So many people frown on how people feel and your feels but they would much rather you talk about how you feel rather than going to your funeral. It is okay not to feel okay, talk to someone.

As many people suffer with mental illness and think about suicide it is hard to reach out and not to feel judged. You may not have anyone to talk to but God is always there and He will always help. He is the One you can turn to in any time of need and at anytime of the day. God knows how you feel, He knows what you want to say, He knows if you feel judged, He knows if you are lonely, He knows when you don’t feel love. But guess what He can be your friend all the time, He loves you no matter what, He understands you even if you can’t get your words out, He won’t judge you if you trust in Him. He is always there and will always be there.

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