Blog 62: Back to Normal


How did the last six weeks fly by! I can’t believe that we are now back to the normal routine, the early mornings, the beginning of winter, the dark evenings, the clock changing, the school kids everywhere, the layers being put back on, no more holidays for a while, Christmas is just around the corner, the cold is coming, the spring birds have flown to warmer countries, snow could be coming. How did the last six weeks go so fast! I love the august break but I hate how it goes so fast and so much becomes a memory in almost an instant!

These last six weeks have been amazing, we have been away, done so much wedding planning, relaxed and so much more. It couldn’t have been better but now it is back to the normal routine, back to getting up early, back to going to work, back to so much mundane things. When we come back from holiday we always find it hard to settle back into the normal routine and we find it hard to go back to the things that we need to do. It always seems to be the same old same old rather than anything new.

Now the summer holidays are over we are back to the work, being busy in the evenings, seeing friends at the weekends but its cold, the layers are on, the heating is on and all I want to do is go back to Sweden and the hot weather! However, I love being back in my little flat, sleeping in my bed, having my wifi, having space to do my things. Its amazing all the things that we take for granted and all the things we think we should have when we don’t have them.

Holidays are fun to catch up with friends, go on holiday, enjoy the weather and a whole host more things. For me it is time to relax, have my fiance around me and get back into the things that I haven’t done for a while. Its been nice to be able to have time to study the Bible, to have time to get closer to God and to be able to reflect on the past and what he has done for me. It has been good to be able to see how God has helped me in this last year and to see what He will do in the year to come.

I have put some goals in place that over the next school year I hope I will be able to achieve and I hope that I will be able to do. Now that I have been able to relax and for my mental health to be better I am hoping that I will be able to get more involved with church, go and see friends more often, have people at the flat more and so much more. I am looking forward to the change that is going to happen in me and seeing what God has planned for me and everything coming into shape! It crazy to think that we only have two half terms and then Christmas before we get married! I am thankful to God.

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