Blog 60: Make-up vs no make-up


How much make-up do you put on in a day? Do you wear make up everyday? Have you ever gone out with no make-up? Do you feel that you need make-up? how does your partner feel with you wearing make-up? Could you see your partner with no make-up on? Would you go to an event with or without make-up?

So many people the need that they have to wear make-up and if they don’t then they feel like a tramp. They feel that no one loves them and they have just been dragged through a bush backwards. That is what I feel with no make-up on but I feel more than that. I feel different on an average day with or without make-up on.

I know each and ever person looks at me in a different way, some people may find me ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, hyper, quiet, demanding, independent and a whole lot more but what I do know is that I change depending on the people I am with. I know I am able to relax a lot more with different people around me compared to others. I know that I am able to tell some people some things and not other people.

Life is hard, not everyone will like you and not everyone will have time for you but what I know is that I am myself. Make-up makes me a whole lot prettier I know that but I am quiet happy to wear no make-up with my fiance because I know that he loves me whatever and that we have a future together. I am a person who loves other people but also likes my own space, likes children but not all the time, wants to be out and about but gets tired, has issues and tries to solve them, gets upset if someone tells someone something that I have said. I am a normal person who is trying to live my life to the fullest and best.

Yes, I have mental health issues but that doesn’t stop me wanting to have a coffee with you, looking after your child so you can get some ‘me’ time, talking to you about different things, making sure you are OK, living life as much as I can. However, it does stop me trusting people, getting annoyed when people say something wrong, being in my own space, getting angry quickly but you know what that hasn’t stopped me from trying to be nice. I will always put my emotions to the back of mind until I do burst and then you don’t want to be around me!

It is amazing how many people say things will be ok and that things will move forward and sometimes I believe that but actually they don’t know what the future will hold but I am so grateful that there is One who does. God knows what the next minute will hold for me let alone the next ten years. He knows what people say about before they have even said it. At the end of the day I don’t need to judge people as He will have the final judgement day in his hands.

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