Blog 59: Hot Hot Hot


Have you been anywhere where it has been too hot? Too hot to do anything? Too hot to sleep? Too hot to walk? Too hot to go outside? Just too hot to do anything? I have been in many places but this last week in both England and Europe it has been ridiculously hot! Some say it is down to global warming, some say we deserve this weather, some say it is nice to have it hot for the summer holidays rather than raining, some say it makes a change, some say it is too hot, some say they should have time of work, some say water sprays need to be put in cities. Whatever we think it has been very hot and we should be grateful that it is not raining cats and dogs.

It is known that the sunshine makes us happy but I have seen a lot of grumpy faces recently, maybe it is because of the heat and it is too hot. As with everything, if it is moderate then the sun can make us happy and we can be glad with it. Especially when it has been snowing and raining all winter! They say we can get vitamin D from the sun rays but also skin cancer so it is a no win situation really. We can sunbath in the sun and get vitamin D but have a higher chance of skin cancer, so what do we do? Well we have it in moderation, like all things it is good in small doses.

Have you noticed when the summer holidays come a lot more people are active? That is because it gives us more energy. We never like to be woken up by the alarm clock so being woken up by natural sunlight is a bonus in the summer months. We all love the natural light and the light mornings and light evenings help our mood to be able to be better in the day and to work harder because we know that we will not be travelling home in the dark to switching the lights on.

As much as we love the sun and all that comes with it, it can also be dangerous and we can have serious issues with our health. We need to be around the sun but also be careful of it. Many things in life are good but can also be bad for us. It is good to have things for a while but not all the time. There is one thing in our life though that we should have all the time and that is time with Jesus. Whatever the weather, how we are feeling, what problems we have had that day we need to talk to Him. He knows how we are feeling but we need to come to Him.

We need to remember that He knew what He was doing when He made the earth and He knew what we needed. I don’t think we could have done any better with creation. How amazing is it that we have different time zones and different seasons-don’t you think we would get bored if it was all the same? I know I would. I can’t tell you what is good or bad in your life but I can tell you that this creation is amazing and whether it is too hot for you or too cold we need to be grateful for what we have and what an amazing and awesome God we have to create such and beautiful world. Next time we go out maybe see the positive in creation rather than moaning and getting down-What are 5 things you can be grateful for?

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