Blog 57: Start of 6 weeks


Friday the 19th July was when the summer started for us. My fiance broke up from teaching, the schools were really out then and I felt that we could now relax and be able to spend more time together! I can’t believe that we now have 6 weeks to be able to spend time together, to go on holiday and to plan our wedding. I look forward to doing couple things both here and abroad.

As I write this I am currently in Sweden (read my next blog for more!) and I love it! I love being by the lake, having time away from the everyday things, being with my fiance, having family time, being in the sun, swimming in the lake. In the summer I love being out more, having BBQs, having long walks, staying up star gazing, having the light evenings, being with family and friends and so much more. I love the summer time of the year and all that it brings.

During this summer time we will be doing a lot of things and we will be spending a lot of time together. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to have the people around me that I do and to be able to that network around me to support and love me through anything that happens. I am looking forward to having six weeks to have my fiance around and to be able to carry on the adventures that we have been able to have over the last year or so. I am looking forward to meeting all of his family and family friends in Sweden and learning more about the culture.

I do find it amazing though that when we have been on holiday we always need another one-we seem to get so exhausted with the travelling and the packing and then when we get back we are more outnumbered with washing and no food in the fridge than anything! As much as I love going on holiday and getting away from the ‘normal’ life I love being back in my own home and my own bed. I enjoy being able to have my own space but enjoy my home space more. I enjoy going on adventures and being with my fiance. I find it such a blessing that we are able to afford to go away and to be able to spend time together.

I have and will be continually blessed by God and all that He has and will do for me. When I am tired He will give me the energy that I need to carry on, He will hold me fast when I stumble, He will protect and He will continue to bless.

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