Blog 56: F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


Friends, we all have them. Some may be far away, others may be near, others we don’t hear a lot from, some may be on and off, others we had when we were young but have now fallen away, some friends you may see once in a blue moon, others you can pick up a conversation where you left off. We all have people that we can turn to and talk to.

Over my years I have had many friends, friends at school, at church, on holiday, at different events, at college, at camp, on my gap year. Most of them I have fallen away from, many because we are growing up and living our own lives. Some of my past friends I have fallen out with and we now don’t have any contact, some I have drifted apart from, some I didn’t like and so we had arguments and drifted away. Other people I have found in the recent years and these are the people that I can now call my friends and that I can talk to about anything.

Yesterday it was international friends day and I found it quite fitting as not only do I have a best friend in England but I also have a best friend in the USA too. I love my best friends as equally as each other and we get on so well. My friend in England I am in more contact with and we are able to meet up a lot more but the friend in USA I can talk to her about so much. Both of these people I have met in the last five or so years and I know that we will be friends for a very long time throughout our lives.

I met my UK friend at college when I was just 16 and we haven’t turned back since. We have been through bereavements, laughter, break-ups, joy, heart aches, happiness, boyfriends and soon to be a wedding. We have been there when we have both needed someone to talk to and we have respected when the other one just needs some space. This is the kind of person that I look forward to being friends with majority of my life.

My friend in USA is a special kind of friend. It took the two of us to go to Colombia to form a friendship over 3 days and since then we have talked almost everyday. This kind of friend I need in my life, a friend to be able to keep me grounded and to help me to keep focused on God and His word. We don’t see each other that often but when we do it is amazing and I feel that we can continue a conversation that we have done. It is hard not to see her each and every day or every week but I know that I can turn to her and she can turn to me anytime.

Throughout the years with friends coming and going, being busy, not wanting me, talking about me behind my back, splitting up it has been hard. I have been through years where I have not had anyone to talk to and no one to be able to say how I really fell. However, I know that there is one where I can turn to, one that won’t be too busy, one that will always want to hear what I have to say, one that isn’t affect by the time difference and that is God. Throughout the years He has been closer to me than any other person and He has helped to get to this point in my life and I am so grateful for that.

You may have all the friends in the world but they will always be busy at one time or another. There is only One where He has time for us and we can come to him at any point of the day or night. He is God, we can cry out to him, get angry, get frustrated, be happy, praise Him and He understand. With all the friends we could have in the world God could be our best friend if we accept Him as One who we can trust and love like any other friend. Could God be your friend?

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