Blog 54: Happy Birthday Mum and Dad

Candles on cake

8th July 1958 my father Clive Julian was born and six years and two days later on 10th July 1964 my mother Elizabeth Susan was born. They didn’t know what life would hold and that 27 years later they would be getting married to each other and then 15 years after that they would be having three children overnight!

I hate having the birthdays so close together but I love my parents and I am so grateful for them. Life has been difficult over the last however many years but I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my parents and anyone else to be trusted with me in their care. If I had it all over again I would choose them. As it has been their birthday I want to let you know how wonderful they are and how much I love and admire all that they have been able to do.

The last 20 years they have been my parents, they have been through all kinds of things with us, they have been a support, they have been loving, kind and considerate. They have always loved me even when they have not always liked me. They have supported me even when they don’t agree with the choices I make. They have always cared for me even when they haven’t been well. They have provided for me when things have been hard. They have accepted me for who I am and not who they want me to be. They have been the most amazing parents.

I haven’t been the best child that I could have been. I will never know how much hard work it is to be a parent until I have my own children. I admire all that my parents have done for me, all that they have helped me with, all that they have been with me through, all that they have helped, all the tears they have wiped away. They have been through me in the hard times and the easy times, the times when I haven’t wanted to be here, the times when I have lashed out, the times when there has been laughter. They have been the best parents ever!

I am so blessed to be able to have the parents that I have and to be able to show my children in the future what amazing grandparents they will be. I praise God that He bought them into my life, that He bought us together and that He has helped us to develop into the people we are and to have the support that we have all needed. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to be able to call you my parents!

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