Blog 53: What Fear?


Everyone in the world has a fear and that could be spiders, heights, water, horses, dogs, plane rides, darkness and so many more. All these fears are genuine and are part of people’s lives that they have to deal with everyday and it is not fun at all. These people are restricted because of their fears as to what they can and can’t do. If everyone in the world was asked as to whether they had a fear they would say yes. People have fears on different levels, some may affect lives and others they deal with it when it comes.

Having fears really are not fun at all, fears can be painful, they can affect everyday living, they can cause bullying and they can cause anxiety. Even babies from when they are born have fears-this is when they cry because they are hungry-they may cry louder because they are fearful that no one can hear them. The older generation have fears to and that is of dying.

I even have fears, I have several, from spiders in the bath to the water not going on when I have greasy hair to self-harming myself. The latter is my biggest fear, I cannot be around sharp objects because I don’t feel that I am in control of what my body would do if I held it. It is scary to know that I can’t be in the kitchen on my own and I can’t cook without someone around. It is hard to express the fear feeling because you just get told to, ‘man up and deal with it’ or, ‘that’s just stupid.’ You want to be able to carry on life but you don’t feel that you have the support around you.

Whenever I feel fearful about something or I feel that I am not able to do something I try to talk to people but I also try to turn to the one thing that I know has helped over the years and that is the Bible. Do you know that the Bible says do not fear/ do not be afraid 365 times throughout. How amazing is that-that is one for each and everyday of the year. God tells us continually that we don’t have to fear about the things that will come.

In the new testament we are told that we are more valuable to God than the birds of the air and he provides for them so he will provide much more for us. He has provided the birds the food that they need and he will provide what we need each and everyday. God has saved me and He can save you but you need to believe that he will help you with your fears and he will provide everything that you need day by day.

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