Blog 52: Its behind you


My main motto in life is, ‘don’t bitch about me, if you wouldn’t bitch to my face.’ Does it annoy you when people speak about you behind your back? Do you get annoyed by the people you trust then going to speak to someone else about your business? Do you get annoyed when your news gets out before you have told someone?

Over the last few months this has happened to me, news has got out before I wanted people to know, things I wanted to keep private has been told to many, rumours have started because some people have got the wrong end of the stick. It is really soul destroying when you put your trust in those around you and things are spoken about behind your back. I don’t understand why people do it!

I know that news gets around by people talking about it and by people telling others but please don’t talk about my personal life to others. Isn’t it scary what gets around society before you even know that it has got around. Different people say different things and put their input into the conversation that it ends up being Chinese Whispers and it isn’t nice. A lot of young people have depression and anxiety and it is no wonder why!

Depression and anxiety are based on those things around and the atmosphere that you are in. It doesn’t then help that when you trust people things get out. You only know the truth and you only know what happens, how you feel and what the real situation is. I have always felt my whole life if people want to know the true facts and what is going on in my life then they need to come to me.

Different people take different things to be private and I get that. However, with more and more people speaking about me behind my back the more I don’t trust people and the more I don’t want to be able to speak about how I am feeling. When I feel down I am made to talk, which is a good thing, but if people then go around spreading it, it isn’t a good thing. You wanted want anyone apart from your partner to see how you sleep, let alone people to talk about it so that is what people’s life is like.

In all of this I know what goes on in my life and the real truth and there is someone else who knows too and that is God, he knows when I am sad, annoyed, angry, hurt. He knows how I feel when the trust is broken down. It takes me a long time to trust people and seconds for that trust to be broken. Next time someones tells you something see whether it really needs to be passed on or not.

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