Blog 48: I am…


I am the sun who shines through the window,

I am the birds who sing in the tress,

I am the dog who barks from next door,

I am the grass who squeaks under foot,

I am the trees that give shade,

I am the mouse that scatters through the field

I am the fox that screeches in the night,

I am the child who screams with delight,

I am the blossom that falls to the ground,

I am the grain that flows in the wind,

I am the flowers that open in the summer,

I am the mud that makes things dirty,

I am the moon that brightens the night sky,

I am the wolves that howl at night,

I am the stars that poke through the dark sky,

I am God the creator of all things.



Written by Rebecca Brailsford

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