Blog 46: 1995-2019


I have been thinking about when I pass away what I want people to say about me and I’m really not sure. I want my funeral to be full of fun and laughter an celebration. If I was to write something about myself then this is what I would write.

‘Rebecca was born into the world on 13th February and you may say that she was unlucky then but she was born on a monday! She was born to her mother and father who she only knew for a brief amount of time. Not a lot is known about her early years but it is said that she had an afternoon nap at her school, she liked to be wild, play in the different gardens she was in and would only get up early if it included sweets. She had a very hard first four years but din’t let that stop her from carrying on.

On 17th November she was adopted by people that she called mum and dad immediately. It was almost like she had a new lease of life. She didn’t take life very seriously and always wanted to make sure that things were done her way-that included bossing her younger brother around. She loved to be at home in the garden, in the woods climbing trees, you could say she was like a boy in the way she did things. She would rather get muddy and have fun than to stay seated and be clean.

Rebecca went to two different primary schools, the first one she loved. All of the staff loved her and her siblings because they were ‘special’ as they had been adopted. She had a lunchtime supervisor who would help with eating her fruit- It would be a satsuma and one bit for her and one bit for the supervisor. She had wonderful people all around and they had sports day, teddy bears picnic, bring grandparents to school day, reading time and so many school trips. She really enjoyed this school but not all the teachers liked her. She was a handful and she did many things that she always got caught for.

One of the ‘best ‘ things she would do would be to lather her hands in soap and then print them all over the bathroom mirrors. She would also borrow another child’s lipstick and kiss the mirror. Only once did she stuff the toilets with tissue but the best thing she did was to go under all the bathroom doors and lock all the cubicles. She got found out so many times with that. In the next primary school, she would push people out of the way, throw up so she could go home (this never worked as her parents knew what she was doing), didn’t take part in sports day etc. To sum up her school days she was a horror and don’t know how any teacher would be able to deal with her.

Even though she was a horror child she wore her heart on her sleeve and she always wanted the best for other people even if it meant that she would sacrifice somethings that she wanted to do. She loved her family dearly and always would help out with different things. Rebecca was full of life and she wanted everyone to know that she was there.

At home she had so many happy stories. Her earliest memory was washing the car with her dad, making apple crumble and going down to the corner shop to get sweets. She would only have the sweets on a Saturday afternoon if in the morning she had done her spelling, which she thought was totally unfair. She loved her family so much but she would like to wind them up too. Everyday she seemed to have a different attitude to things, some days she was over happy and other days she was over sad.

When she was 23 she had an explanation as to why this was and her whole life all began to make sense! Things she had done in the past and the way that she had acted all fitted into place. She could see why she would wind people up, why she only had one best friend, why she hated school it all added up now. When she was 8 Rebecca became and Christian and she said that this was the best choice in her life. At the age of 13 she was baptised and at the age of 19 she went to Colombia, south America for 6 months.

She lived her life to the full and full of adventure and mystery. She wanted everyone to know what she had done and to be able to talk to people like her friend. She went through the years with many different friends and important people in her life but her best friend by far was God. She knew that when she was alone she was not because she had God by her side and He was there through everything.’

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