Blog 44: I’ve Moved


On the 23rd March 2019 I moved into my own flat, I will now no longer be sofa surfing and I have a place to call home, a place where I hope that I am able to do so much and can reach out to others around. It was not an easy move, I hate moving, loading up the cars, packing everything in boxes, unloading a load of stuff, organising everything, realising I have too much to to fit in the flat. I like one main thing about moving though and that is I can de-clutter and I can get rid of all the things I don’t need.

I love the fact that when one moves house so much and be gone and so much can be got rid of. So many things can go to charity shops and then others can have the joy of having them that they can use. I wonder how many of my things have gone to people that wouldn’t be able to get brand new things. I love cleaning and clearing out and so moving house should be a good thing for me to do.

I hate it though, I have to now think about the bills, the rent, the furniture, who comes over, when I have free time, what to cook for dinner, what time I go to sleep, basically become an adult but also be responsible about the things that I do and don’t do. I know that when I move I will have the honeymoon period and I will love it but then I will need to get used to living on my own and doing things for myself. Over the last few months I have been living with people who have helped me to get out of bed, who have helped me cook food and who have helped me to have a social life.

I am looking forward to this new adventure in life and to be able to have my own space and do things for the church. I am looking forward to having people around, praying with them, having a social life and being nearer to my future in-laws. It is a very exciting time and I look forward to seeing how it all pans out.

I am very grateful to them but now I want to be able to try it on my own and to be able to see how it all works out. I love having a new challenge and I am looking forward to this one. I know that even though I have moved and won’t always have people around I know that God will be there and he won’t move. I may feel distant from him but that is because I have moved and he has not. I need to keep putting time in my life for him.

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