Blog 42: A Second Birth


If someone asked you whether you have had the second birth you may just think about having you second child or maybe even someone’s new beginning somewhere else. I have heard people say that if you go to a new country and ‘start again’ then it is like a second birth, you need to learn the language, culture, currency, do and don’ts just like a baby needs to.

The second birth is something that is over 2000 years ago and first came into our vocabulary. It is a very special event that happened for all of mankind and something that will not be repeated. No child has ever been born twice and no one will be so what is so special about a second birth or being born again? In Greek this phrase means to be born from above-born from God.

We are just about to celebrate Easter and this differs by each family and their traditions. Some many just have the Easter eggs, and egg hunt, a party, some may attend church, have a special roast dinner. Whatever way we celebrate Easter and as much as you try to ignore it Jesus died and rose again meaning that all of us are able to have the second birth. A birth where we can come to Jesus, be saved and be accepted to Jesus’s heavenly home. Easter is such an incredible event that one person who was fully God and fully man, who came to earth as a baby, who had a humble life but such a huge following, who was the celebrity of the day died for the whole of society.

I myself find it so amazing and find it totally cool that Jesus came to save not only me but all my family and friends. All I had to do was one short prayer to ask God to help me to be able to change my life around. It is not about works and going to church, or even helping people across the road, making sure you get the children out of bed on time but God’s grace and his love. I can’t wait to celebrate Easter as it is the time that I remember when a tiny little baby who grew up just like me, who had temptations, who was homeless, who didn’t have many friends-just a following, who had to ask people for food came to have the most painful death that he could.

He was stripped of his clothes, a crown of thorns was pierced onto his head, he was hung on a wooden cross, he had nails go into his hands and feet, he had a sponge of vinegar given to him, he was scorned and shouted at by the people he was going to die for, he had a spear lunged in his back, His father forsake him. But he made no noise. He did it all for me and you. Not only did he die but he was raised again on the third day and his body was gone. When was the last time that you buried someone and then three days later came to life? It doesn’t happen but He was God so it did. He defeated death so that we are able to live! What an amazing thing to think about this Easter!


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