Blog 41: 100 days


We are on the 100th day of the year, 10th April. I wonder whether your new years resolutions are still happening, what have you achieved this year, has anything major happened in your life, have you been on holiday? There is so many things that could have happened but didn’t happen and so many things that didn’t happen that could have happened. A lot can sure happen in 100 days!

In these last 100 days so much has happened all across the world, some things that are the elephant in the room, things that have surprised us, things that are ‘normal’ and other things that don’t really affect us. There has been such a lot in the world of politics, in each country and in each persons personal life. Looking back over this year in the world these things have happened so far.

As a world we have had Austria accept same-sex marriage, President Trump announce a national emergency to be able to build his wall, suicide attacks have happened in the middle east, Kim Jun Un met President Trump, the six nations rugby has happened, many Christians are persecuted, brexit (maybe or maybe not!) and so much more. There is so many things in the world that happen that we don’t even hear about or it is so depressing that we don’t want to listen to the news. All I can take from the news is the world is a big mess and it is best if we all just try and get on with the things that we need to do and the things that we want to do.

In the UK the parliament has fallen apart, the Brexit deal is or isn’t happening (depending what side your on), rail fares across the whole of the UK have gone up, Prince Harry has had his baby with wife Meghan, schools were closed due to icy conditions, people have been stabbed to death in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Once again from all of that there is only one piece of good news and that is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have their baby and I suppose I got engaged but that isn’t world wide news! The world is getting worse and along with that the UK is too. We all have our different trials but when you are in the public eye it is even worse. All I feel for is those people who have lost loved ones to being stabbed.

Personally, I have moved into my own place, become engaged and now planning a wedding, been dealing with my mental health, be away for some weekends, had my birthday and been doing the generally things of life such as church and dates with my amazing fiance. Life had been hard don’t get me wrong, there are some days where I have not wanted to do anything but have wanted to be on my own in a park somewhere.

Throughout the last 100 days so many awful things have happened, so many good things have happened (even if we don’t hear about them), so many different things have happened and so many things have taken us by surprise. In all of this I know that God is in control and He knows what is going to happen in the next 10 years let alone the next day. He knows how we feel when we can’t express it, He knows what we think before we say it, He knows what we want from our lives before we have even thought about it but most of all He knows what will happen to this world. How amazing is it that there in One who knows all things and can help us with all things!

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